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Nowadays there are thousands of online learning games for kids, and, here at The Tutoring Center in San Ramon, California, we recognize the value in them. But nothing can take the place of one to one, personal teaching. Whether it is a tutor, parent, older sibling or grandparent, children get a deeper understanding of what they are being taught through personal interaction. Here is a couple of activities you can do with your child to make learning fun without using the laptop.

For the Younger Ones

Here is a fun learning game called Fishing the Alphabet. You will need 26 ping pong balls, a permanent marker, a couple of egg cartons, a small fish net, a large shallow tub, and water. Using the Sharpie, mark each ping pong ball with an alphabet letter, uppercase on one side and lowercase on the other. In the egg crates, mark a letter in the bottom of each cup. Fill the tub halfway full with water and dump the ping pong balls into it. Hand your child the fish net. Start naming the letters of the alphabet. Have your child say the letter out loud with you, and then have her fish out the ball with the corresponding letter and put it in the correct egg crate cup. Next have your child spell out simple words with the balls such as cat, bat, eat, say, and so on. What does your child learn from this innovative game? The alphabet, phonics, sight recognition of letters, simple spelling, matching and sorting, and motor coordination. And you did it without a laptop or iPad in sight!

For the Older Ones

Take your child into the kitchen. Have him browse through a cookbook. Make sure it has big color photos of the food to make him drool. Have him read out the ingredients of his favorite recipe while you write them down. Take him to the store and buy the ingredients while showing him how to comparison shop. Bring him home and let him be the chef while you help with food prep. This is an important life lesson, and the proud look on his face as he brings the food out to the table will be priceless. What does he learn from this? Math skills, such as counting, fractions and measuring. Chemistry and science, understanding how food changes while cooking. Health lessons, such as understanding nutrition and the food groups, as well as appreciating the importance of safety and cleanliness. Fine motor skills, through whisking, stirring, measuring and pouring. And of course social skills, such as responsibility, cooperation, sharing, and self-esteem

Tutoring in San Ramon

These are just a couple of examples of one to one teaching without using laptops, X-boxes, or iPads. If your child is struggling in school and needs extra help, take a look at our academic programs and give us a call here at The Tutoring Center at (925) 362-3320.


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