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Learning styles are the ways in which each person learns, process, and retains information. Each person is different; sometimes, there is a predominant learning style, sometimes there's a mix, and sometimes the ruling learning style changes depending on the situation. What do you think your children’s learning style is? Does he learn better by touching or does he find it easy to learn new vocabulary by watching TV? The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA suggests you read on to find out which learning style your child has and how to use them to their advantage. While your child may have a preference for a particular learning style, it is better to work on the others as well, to create a more well-rounded learning experience. There are four main types of learning styles:
  • Visual (learns through seeing)
  • Auditory (learns by hearing)
  • Kinesthetic/tactile (learns by doing and moving)
  • Logical/analytical (learns by finding logic)
Usually one of the styles is the predominant, but this does not mean that they don’t use the other learning styles as well.

Auditory Learners

Through listening to what people say and talk about, these types learn better. The best way for them to process instructions is by saying them aloud; maybe they will repeat them back to you to show they understood. They enjoy group discussions rather than working alone. Often times, they may be talking or repeating things to themselves. They find it easy to remember jokes and anecdotes, so here is one of the keys to use when teaching something new to them. Auditory learners need to work in quiet environments; they get easily distracted when there is too much noise.

Visual Learners

It is believed this is the most common of learning styles. In fact, most classrooms are created for this type of learner. Visual learners, as the word says, learn by looking. They need diagrams, drawings, and pictures with labels. They need written or demonstrated instructions, and jump at the opportunity of presenting their work pictorially. Sometimes, things might not make any sense to them until they see them. Visual learners can be good readers, enroll your child in one of our tutoring classes, like reading. We will work with your children’s learning style to make them better students. You can call The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA at (925) 362-3320 for a free diagnostic assessment, or to enroll your child in tutoring in San Ramon CA.

Kinesthetic/Tactile Learners

Children whose predominant learning style is kinesthetic/tactile learn best by hands-on activities. They work better by being involved in the process. Instead of reading or writing a story, they prefer staging a play. They find it difficult to remain sitting down in one place. However, just because they are moving doesn’t mean they are not paying attention. Games and experiments are the best way to go when teaching something new. It is worth noting that these type of learners are often misdiagnose with ADHD because the most commonly used learning styles, visual or auditory, don’t work with them.

Logical/Analytical Learners

This learning style is where math comes in. Logical learners prefer to find patters and understand the reason why things work. They ask a lot of questions and are capable of logical thinking at a young age. They are really good at solving mathematical problems and strategy games. Sometimes they struggle with “creative” classes or assignments.

What Learning Style Does Your Child Have?

The best way to determine your child’s learning style is by observing. Take note of their preferences, interests, and actions; these will help you understand how they process information. Pay attention to what types of toys they prefer, or what type of games they like to play. Do they follow instructions when you tell them what to do, or when you show them how to do it? Listen to them speak, do they use a lot of words they hear on TV shows or cartoons? Do they imitate the characters? Once you’ve identified your child's main learning style, then you can start working on strengthening it and working on the others. It will be easier for them to work on new projects now that you know which way you should present them.

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