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For children struggling with math, sports offer a great entry way to encourage interest in mathematics. If your child is a sports fan, they probably use math regularly without even realizing it. Here are some ways you can get your child thinking mathematically with sports.

On-Base-Percentage (OBP)

The popular movie, Moneyball, demonstrated how the use of math and statistics has changed the evaluation of baseball players. Instead of looking at five athletic tools- subjective, qualitative traits- the Oakland A's started thinking quantitatively. In order to score a run, a player must be on base. They developed a new statistic to measure how often a player succeeds in getting on base, called the On-Base-Percentage (OBP). Calculate OBP by adding hits, walks, and hit-by-pitch, and dividing by total number of plate appearances. OBP=(H+BB+HBP)/(AB+BB+HBP+SF). Have your child calculate the OBPs of their favorite players using player stats available from most sporting websites. Ask her to compare the OBP to the players' batting average and see what she can determine from them. Players that are aggressive will have OBPs closer to their batting averages because they walk less.

Field-Goal Percentage

If basketball is your child's game of choice, have her calculate the field-goal percentage of her favorite players. Field goal percentage measures the number of shots made per shot taken. You can also calculate three-point percentage the same way- number of threes made divided by the number of three-point shots taken.


Have your child determine how many yards their favorite running back or wide receiver gains per touch. Take the total number of rushing or receiving yards and divide by the number of rushes or catches. For wide receivers, it is interesting to look at the number of times targeted as well to take into account dropped passes. Over the summer is a great time to catch up or freshen up on math skills without the pressure of school. Here at The Tutoring Center in San Ramon, CA, we have one-to-one tutoring programs in math, reading, writing, and test preparation. Take a look at our academic programs and call 925-362-3320 today for a free diagnostic assessment.


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