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Procrastination is a constant and ongoing problem for many, but it can especially affect students. Help your child get rid of this bad habit with the following tips.

How to Help Your Child Deal with Procrastination

Since students deal with a lot of deadlines and academic tasks on a regular basis, it is important that they learn to avoid procrastination and tackle the work right away. However, this isn't always easy. That is why today we want to discuss procrastination and share some tips to help students become more productive with their pending tasks.

Students Need to Be More Efficient with Their Work

Students deal with a number of pending tasks on a daily basis. Homework, essays, projects, and tests among other things, are all tasks with a deadline and can end up adding up. Sadly, instead of tackling these tasks right away, most students tend to wait until last minute to get things done. This can negatively affect not only their school performance but also in their attitude towards school.

How Procrastination Affects Students

Postponing the work that it takes to complete academic tasks not only leads to poor work quality but also creates stress and added frustration. This can lead to a negative attitude towards school because students feel overwhelmed and go one of two routes. Either they become very anxious by all the stress and pressure of deadlines and school work, or they begin to become so frustrated that they stop caring about meeting deadlines and turning things in and no longer take interest in their academic tasks.

5 Ways to Help Your Child to Avoid Procrastination

  1. Get support. Do not allow your child to become overwhelmed and frustrated with school. Instead, help your child learn to develop the right study skills and learning habits with the help of The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA . They have the best academic programs and study skill enrichment lessons to help students successfully and efficiently tackle their work. Contact them today at (925) 362-3320 and learn about how they can help your child lead a better academic life. 
  2. Teach them to stop waiting. This is the core of procrastination: waiting. Waiting to be in the right mood, waiting to be inspired, waiting to be more focused, waiting and waiting and waiting. What ends up happening is that the tasks keep adding up, the deadlines keep closing in, and everything gets crammed into the last minute. Instead of waiting, encourage your child to take action and start right away. Let them know that they will rarely find the perfect time to get things done. The best thing to do is to just start now. Teach them to ignore everything else and focus on what they need to do, so that they can do it well and do it soon.
  3.  Help your child verify the importance of what needs to get done. Every time your child feels like postponing an assignment or academic task and doing something else, teach them to ask themselves this question: Is what I want to do more important than what I need to get done? If the answer is no, then they should stop and finish up what needs to get done so that they can enjoy what they want to do.
  4. Show them that finishing things ahead of time can be rewarding. If your child has a project, essay, or any other academic task due, encourage them to finish it ahead of time. You can start to do this by providing them with incentives to get things done before the due date. For example, if they get their project completely done a day before the due date, they get to pick their favorite dinner that night. If they finish two days before the due date, they get to buy that new video game they have been waiting for, etc.
  5. Create consequences. Not all students are motivated by rewards, and sometimes consequences need to be taken into account. For some students, facing academic consequences such as getting a low grade on the assignment or lowering their GPA because of their procrastination is not always enough of a consequence to stop them. In these cases, it may be necessary to limit your child in regards to the distractors that prevent them from focusing on their assignments or academic tasks. In order to do this, you may want to have a solid plan of action such as taking away their phone or eliminating television time until certain tasks are completed. For more tips and ideas on dealing with procrastination, visit the Unstuck website where you can also find additional resources.

Eliminate Procrastination and Help Your Child Be More Successful with Tutoring in San Ramon CA

Your child will greatly benefit from the support and help offered at The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA. Their tutoring programs are great at helping students be more productive and can help eliminate procrastination and other bad study habits. Contact them today at (925) 362-3320 to learn more.


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