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Ways to Help Your Child Start the School Year Right

A new school year means a fresh start. New teachers, new classmates and a brand new opportunity to improve. Starting the school year right will give you and your child the opportunity to have a successful year. That is why the experts at The Tutoring Center in San Ramon want to provide you with a few tips to help you make the most of the beginning of this new school year.

Create Back to School Traditions

Kids and teens thrive on routine and traditions, these help them feel secure and confident. A new school year brings many mixed feelings and sometimes insecurities or anxiety. By creating back to school traditions you can help your child be excited and feel more confident about the new school year. These traditions can be as simple as baking your child his favorite cake for the first day of going back to school or taking them out for ice cream. They can even be as elaborate as having an elegant back to school dinner where everyone gets to share their experience. Create contests or games to encourage your child to share their experience and expectations for the new school year.

Create Back to School Conversations

It is important to encourage your child to share his or her school year expectations and goals as well as doubts or fears. This will help them feel more prepared and will help you to give them security they might need to succeed. Do not try to just ask and interrogate them for answers regarding their back to school doubts, create a comfortable talking environment. You might want to start off by asking something non intrusive and that you know your child enjoys talking about. For example if you know your child loves soccer and is really good at it you might start off asking; Are you planning on trying out for the soccer team this year? You can even ask them what subject they enjoy least or most. Whatever you ask or talk about make sure you listen more and talk less. Do not interrupt your child to tell him how or what to do. Instead, let your child express whatever he wants and then, if you see fit, subtly express a suggestion or some words of encouragement.

Get Involved From the Beginning

One common mistakes parents make is waiting until grades are due to start talking to teachers and asking about how their child is doing.Teaching your child to use their time wisely will also help them start of the school year the right way, for more information on this please visit our Time Management Tips post. Checking in, on your child's learning, periodically and constantly, will make a huge difference in their learning abilities and their grades. If you observe your child throughout the entire school year it will help you notice when he or she is struggling in a certain area, and will allow you to get them the help they need before it turns into a problem.

Tutoring in San Ramon

Starting off the school year on the right foot, depends on you. Get the best tutoring in San Ramon to help your child succeed. Whether it is math, reading or writing that they need to work on or just review, the tutoring center in San Ramon is ready to help them reach their full potential. Call us today at 925 362 3320 and get your child ready for a great new beginning.


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