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We focus so much on getting our children to be renowned readers, masterful mathematicians, or splendid spellers, that sometimes we forget to help them turn into wonderful writers. If they already love to read, writing is the next step. If they are great with numbers, writing can help them with the wording of a math problems. In this article, The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA brings you some writing exercises ranging from easy to difficult, appropriate for all your young scholars. Go ahead and make writing a fun activity for your child, start them young and prepare them for those future essays.

Write It in a Letter

You get a great feeling when you receive an old-fashioned, hand-written letter or postcard. Imagine how your children will feel when they discover the post, too. Start by sending them a letter yourself, and have them answer back. You can help out younger children with the wording. Then they can start writing to other family members and friends. Beforehand, you should tell them that your child is starting a writing project. Ask them to please answer back when they receive a letter, even if it’s orally.

Family Newspaper

Let’s face it, we all like a little bit of gossip and news. Turn your children into a reporter by helping them make a biweekly or monthly Family Newspaper. They can write about what’s going on around the house, neighborhood, and with relatives faraway. Then they can add photos and things they find interesting. You can then even send it other family members to keep them updated.


Start by showing your children a recipe book and going over it together. Look at all the parts in the recipe: the photos, the ingredients, and the steps to follow. Cook something together and have your children read to you the steps you need to follow. After you are done, tell them to look in the book again and write down the recipe they want to try next. As they understand how recipes and ingredients work, they can maybe create their own. That would be an interesting cooking experiment.

My Dictionary

Whenever your children struggle with a word, let them search for it in the dictionary. Once they understand the definition and can explain it in their own words, they have to write it on their own dictionary. They will be building their own book, in their own words. They can even write sentences as examples or look in magazines and newspapers for drawings that represent the word. They’ll have their own illustrated dictionary. Another great suggestion is enrolling your children in tutoring classes in San Ramon CA. The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA definitely has that writing program you’ve been looking for your children. Do it this summer so all that knowledge they built during the school year doesn’t go forgotten. Call them at: (925) 362-3320 to schedule your child’s free diagnostic assessment.


Keeping a daily journal helps not only your children’s writing, but it teaches them discipline and constancy as well. It may even help them in the future to sort out their ideas and figure out problems. Tell them to write daily events, what happened in classes at school, what they ate, anything interesting they discovered. At the same time, you can start writing a journal yourself and together you can compare ideas of how your week went by reading parts of what you wrote. Doing this as a team will make it seem less like a homework and more as bonding.

Pass It Along

This is a multiple person writing activity. First, one person starts with a sentence and passes it to the next person who has to write another sentence, and so on. They have to build coherent story. It probably sounds easy enough but it is actually really tricky. Read it together when it’s over, you’ll most likely end up with a fantastically funny story.

Add Some Words

Find a picture book that has no text and have your child imagine what is going on in the story. They can make up the character’s lines and thoughts and completely change what the story is about. Have them write down their story and later compare it to the pictures.

Enroll Your Child in Tutoring in San Ramon CA

There you have it, some great ideas to get your children into writing. Remember, if you are looking for tutoring classes in San Ramon CA where your children can further venture into writing, head straight to The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA. Their specially designed writing program will be a great aid to your children. For more information, give them a call at: (925) 362-3320 to schedule a diagnostic assessment…it’s free!


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