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Problems That Students Face When It Comes to Homework

Homework is rarely described as fun, but it is important and it needs to get done. However, many times students encounter different difficulties that prevent them from being able to efficiently complete their homework assignments. That is why today we want to discuss some of the problems that students face when it comes to homework. We can also share a few tips on how to reduce those struggles.

Help Your Child with Homework by Becoming a Mentor and Monitor

There are many factors that cause students to have a hard time with homework and sometimes students face more than one of those problems. If your child is dealing with several of these issues, it can get overwhelming. It is important to encourage your child to build better study habits and to show them your support when it comes to homework. This does not mean you should do the homework for them or that you have to know all the answers. It does mean you can show them your support by being both a monitor and a mentor. Encourage them often and when they do a really good job, like when they complete a project, praise their efforts.

Common Homework Struggles That  Students Face and How to Help

  • Homework doubts and questions. Many times students have questions regarding their homework and because they are not in the class with the teacher, they get anxious. Sometimes all they need is to know there is someone they can call to for help. Try to be available for them when they have doubts or questions. If you are unsure or don't know the answer, work with them to use the right resources and find the answer. It is also a wise idea to enroll your child in a good tutoring program that provides homework help.
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  • They don't know what the homework is. All students should have an agenda or a notebook where they write the homework down and any notes and details on what the homework consists of. It is important to write what the homework is and the instructions and specifications that the teacher gives. Also, in the event that for some reason they missed class or they had to complete a different task and forgot to write down the homework, they should also have someone reliable to call and ask. Ask them to get the phone number of at least two classmates that they know they can rely on when they need to ask what the homework was.
  • They don't have the material they need to complete their homework. Before leaving the classroom students should also double check that they have the homework written down and that they are taking the books or other materials they need with them. If your child is very forgetful you can tie a red ribbon around their backpack so that when they grab their backpack to head out they can remember to take home the necessary supplies.
  • Lack of responsibility, organization, and time management skills. Responsibility and good study habits are also a fundamental part of your child's academic life. These skills are important for all school subjects and in all grade levels. This includes having good time management skills, making sure they turn in their work on time, and that they keep their work organized. Students should work on homework assignments right away so that if they have any questions or doubts, they can call someone or have their doubts clarified before the due date arrives. Being organized with their time and learning time management skills will help them along the way as they advance in school and start to have more and more homework, projects, and activities to complete in their academic life.

Homework Help and Improved Study Skills with Tutoring in San Ramon CA

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