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Teaching Your Child to Use Their Time Wisely

Time management is an essential skill for a child as they get older. While it might be easier for a parent to keep track of their child's activities and commitments, it is important that your child develops this skill. There are many ways you can help your child become more organized and manage their time wisely. The Tutoring Center in San Ramon has some useful tips to help you child get started.

Keep an Organized Planner

Keeping track of all your child's activities and commitments is as easy as writing them down in a planner. This will help your child keep track of what events are coming up and what days they have free. Your child will be better prepared for all events and activities if they know when to expect them. Make sure to keep track of extracurricular activities and school work all in one planner.

Make Lists

Lists are a great way to keep tasks organized. It is a good idea to encourage your child to make a list every morning of the tasks they need to accomplish that day. Instead of wasting time trying to figure out what they need to do, the list will serve as a guide. As they complete tasks, they can cross them off the list. Not only is list making a great organization and time management tactic, it can also be encouraging to see how much you can complete in one day.

Block Out Distractions

It's very easy for children to get distracted by social media and electronics. If your child is being distracted by their cell phone too often, limit their use of it while doing work. Set rules to discourage looking at their phone or opening social media pages on their computer as they work. Your child will most likely get their work done faster this way and have more time to chat with friends.

Tutoring in San Ramon

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