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Combining Good Habits With Tutoring Near Dublin For Better Learning

Good study skills and healthy habits are two important elements that can lead to a much more pleasant and successful academic endeavor. At The Tutoring Center near Dublin we know how important it is that children not only do well in school subjects but that they also have solid learning foundations that will allow them to succeed throughout their life. That is why we make it a point to promote study skills and healthy habits. Today we want to discuss the importance of good habits and how this can also improve learning and memory ability.

Good Habits and Tutoring Play an Important Role in a Student´s Ability to Learn

There are two types of habits that will directly influence a student´s performance: their personal health habits and their study habits. Study habits include good time management, consistent study routines, having a designated study space, organization, such as keeping an organized notebook, and other factors that directly impact a student's study skills. Learning good study habits should start at a young age. Children that start practicing efficient study habits from their early elementary school years have proven to be better students overall and face less difficulty throughout their school years. However, it is never too late to start building good study habits. Tutoring can help children become better students and create effective study habits that will help them become more efficient in their school work and other areas of life.

Healthy Habits and Tutoring Can Take a Student a Long Way

Good nutrition, constant exercise and quality sleep are all good health habits that will greatly benefit a student. Add to that tutoring and good study habits and success is pretty much guaranteed. The Tutoring Center near Dublin not only helps students understand the material better, but allows them to develop better study habits and skills that will make learning easy and enjoyable. Contact us today and learn more about our Academic Programs, including our highly effective Study Skills Enrichment Program.

3 Areas That Need to Be in Good Standing in Order to Learn

  • Nutrition. The brain needs food that nourishes it in order to work properly. The right foods can power up the brain, helping it perform better. However, low nutrient meals such as sugar-packed snacks can cause the brain to become disoriented and crash. This is why it is important to feed the brain and body quality food and nourishing meals that contain essential amino acids, omega-3, and whole grains. For a list of some of the top superfoods that help our brains and bodies work better, read our previous post here.
  • Exercise. Another important element for better concentration and improved learning is physical activity. Numerous studies have proven that exercise allows the brain to function better and increases the ability to learn. Not only that, but these studies also show that leading an active lifestyle can enhance the brain´s potential to memorize and diminishes the probability of suffering mental problems. All students should aim for at least an hour or so of exercise a day, as this can prove to have truly beneficial results, both physical and academic.
  • Sleep. Sleeping is necessary and quality and quantity are both important when it comes to this. The body needs rest as does the brain. Sleep is what allows both to be replenished and adequately functioning. There are some key functions that the brain conducts during sleep, one of the most important is the storage of information into the long-term memory. It is during our sleep that the brain is able to take the information that was learned throughout the day and transport it to the cortical centers to become long-term memories. Not allowing the brain to get a good night's rest will prevent it from performing this essential function at its best, which can lead to difficulty learning and memorizing information. Visit our post here, to learn more about sleep and why it is important that children get a good night's rest.

Better Performance in All Your Classes With Tutoring Near Dublin

Do not prevent your child from getting the help he/she deserves, enroll them in the right tutoring program today. The Tutoring Center near Dublin has the most effective Academic Programs, designed to help students strive in every subject and not just learn the material they need to know, but also acquire the skills and tools that will help them become life-long learners. Call us now at 925 362 3320 and schedule your free diagnostic assessment.


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