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Summer is the time for long, lazy days. But that needn't be the case for your child. Make this your child's summer of brain gain!

Check out your local library

Your local library likely has summer programs designed for all ages. Ask a librarian about summer reading lists and rewards programs. Bring your child to browse his/her favorite sections.

Summer school can be really cool!

Many schools offer summer classes and extracurricular activities. It's a great time for your child to try a new activity like pottery and theater, or try something they already enjoy. If your child is a budding Picasso, enroll him/her in advanced art classes. Summer specialty courses can really broaden your child's learning and knowledge base.

Tap into tech

Your child's technology doesn't need to be limited to the latest video games. Go online for life changing courses like learning a new language. Consider online physical classes such as yoga to help your child decompress and up their focus and concentration abilities.

Summer tutoring

Tutoring can offer significant benefits to your child’s academic program. The Tutoring Center at San Ramon offers a free diagnostic assessment to your child. This is a great tool to determine your student's strengths and challenge areas. The Tutoring Center at San Ramon provides one-to-one instruction in reading, writing and math skills. With programs such as "Geniuses in Training", they can assist your child in preparing for the school year ahead.

Whatever your child's interests, help them to realize their full potential with summer enrichment and educational programs. To help get started, call The Tutoring Center at San Ramon at 925-362-3320. The number one tutoring choice in the city, The Tutoring Center at San Ramon is here to provide your child the individualized attention they deserve.


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