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There comes a time when students will hit a wall with their homework. It could be that the subject matter is boring, or they don’t understand the assignment, or are simply so distracted that focus seems impossible. The Tutoring Center in San Ramon, CA would like to offer you as a student some tips you could put to good use on helping you overcome study block and get back on track.

Re-Gain Focus

Make sure the environment you’re trying to study in will allow you to focus on what you’re doing. Keep distractions at bay by having your work space in a quiet and well lit spot. Be sure to have all the supplies you will need within reach so as not to stop the thought process by having go find what you need. 

Read it Over

Carefully read the instructions over again. Do not move forward until you absolutely comprehend what’s being asked of you.

Back up and Review

If you’ve reached a point in your assignment that you just cannot get past, review the work you’ve already completed. It could be that you’ve made a mistake somewhere along the line that’s throwing the rest of your work off.

Break it Down

Homework can be overwhelming if it’s one ginormous assignment with a deadline. Try dividing it into smaller, workable pieces that you can get through in one section at a time.


If you are not sure about your knowledge base on the subject, do more research about the topic online. This will give you more information that will allow you to move forward with your assignment.

Take a Break

Sometimes, focusing too hard on a task can stop you from getting a different perspective and moving forward on the subject. Take a break by getting out of your chair, exercise, eat something and take a few deep breaths to clear your mind and then come back to your homework.

Tutoring in San Ramon

Having another person's perspective and guidance could help overcome study block. Remember that tutoring can be of great assistance. Here at The Tutoring Center, we work with you to ensure that you achieve your academic goals. Call (925) 362-3320 for more information about the academic programs we offer, or to schedule a free diagnostic assessment.


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