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Spelling Skills are Crucial 

Your child needs to have a certain level of spelling proficiency to be able to read and write. Getting into the right college and landing the best job won't be possible without adequate spelling skill mastery.

Don't Over Correct

The worst thing to do right now is to make kids embarrassed or frustrated in their writing, which can lead them to stop writing at all. Their creative writing and self-expressive journaling are not the place to place to insist on anything.

Use Spellcheck

While some see it as a crutch, this is an excellent way to see instantly what words you've been misspelling. This is harder for very young children who are just learning to spell, as their words may be spelled so wrong that spell check may not be able to guess the right words. This is a great tool for older spellers, though.

Make Spelling Fun

Play word games like Scrabble and Boggle. Provide printed word searches and crosswords based on your child's interests.


Turn the closed captioning on shows your kids are watching for a sneaky way to reinforce spellings


If your child is not spelling well, don't put him on the spot to spell yet. Put him in charge of writing up lists (shopping lists, birthday wishes, things to do this weekend, etc.) and just spell them out. The more you do this, the more your child will pick up about spelling rules and remember the spelling of individual words.


The more children read, the more they start to soak up spelling words -- even when we swear they're not. Remember that picture books often have more sophisticated vocabulary than early reader books, so don't push kids to replace picture books with more "educational" ones.

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