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 School is out and it is time for summer vacation! During these summer months, you may find yourself at home more often with your children. If your child struggles with science, summer vacation can be a great time for him to develop renewed curiosity and interest in the subject. Use this time to make science fun with your children. Everyone is familiar with the baking soda and vinegar volcano, why not try out a new experiment at home? 

Plant Seeds and Watch Them Grow 

You will need some fresh seeds of your choice like lima beans or sunflower seed, good quality soil, a container to plant the seed, water and light. Fill the container with oil and plant the seeds inside the soil. You can use a ruler and determine how deep to plant the seed based on what type of seed you chose. Water the freshly planted seeds and place them in a sunny, warm spot. Keep the soil moist and check it every day. When the seeds start to germinate, record your observations. 

After a week or so you should have seedlings. The plant starts to emerge from the seed and begins to grow because it germinates. Seeds need the right conditions to grow properly, water and oxygen are required for the germination process. You can keep track of how many days it takes for different types of seed to germinate and how tall the seedlings are each day.  

Hopefully this science experiment will help your child realize the wonders of science. If you find your child struggling with math or science, we are here to help. The Tutoring Center offers one-on-one tutoring throughout the school year in a variety of subjects including math and reading. For more tips, including reading tips, check out our blog. For tutoring in San Ramon, CA contact The Tutoring Center. Go ahead and give us a call at 925-362-3320 to set up a time for your child to take a free assessment.


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