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Learning a new language gives you more than just the ability to speak a second tongue. A new language comes with many perks, both mental and social. Here are some of the reasons why you should enroll your youngster in a second language class.

7 Great Reasons to Learn a New Language

The best time to learn a new language is when children are still young. They work on learning the specifics of their mother tongue and the specifics of a foreign language at the same time, increasing their mental capabilities. Learning a new language brings many benefits that can help in other academic areas. The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA has enlisted some of the reasons why your child should learn a new language. After you read some of the benefits, you might be interested in learning how you can introduce your child to a second language. Here are some ideas for that.

Enhanced Brain Power

The harder the brain works to learn and understand something, the more powerful it becomes. Every language is complex in its own way. Languages come with their own grammatical rules, vocabulary, etymology, and pronunciation. The brain needs to operate extra hard to process all these new rules and structures. Once your brain has managed to figure out the new language and its rules, it starts to make connections with your mother tongue, becoming stronger. The more knowledge and skills you gain, the higher your brain power will be. This increased brain power allows you to develop better problem solving and critical thinking skills and create new ideas. So, a new language makes you smarter and a better learner.

Improves Your First Language

Some people think that learning a second language at a young age will negatively affect a child’s ability to speak their mother tongue. It’s quite the opposite actually. A new language can help your child strengthen their native language. When speaking your first language, you never stop to consider the grammatical structures and conjugations, they just come naturally. By learning a new set of rules, you gain insight into your own language. You start to become more aware of your mistakes and become a better communicator. You learn to see your mother tongue in a new light. Still, if your child is struggling with English or any subject in school, learning a second language won’t be enough to help them out, they need tutoring. The Tutoring Center, San Ramon has plenty of programs that can help your child improve their academic performance. If you’re interested in learning about their tutoring options, give The Tutoring Center, San Ramon a call at (925) 362-3320.

Improved Memory

A good memory is required to learn a new language. To have a good memory, you need to have a sharp brain. There’s new vocabulary to learn and many new grammatical rules to understand. As your brain stores the new information, your memory improves. Your child could really benefit from having a good memory in class. Having a good memory makes it easier for children to make mental calculations and recall information they previously read. There are plenty of exercises you can try to help improve your child’s memorization skills. A second language is a great way to begin.

Better Concentration

Memory and concentration go hand in hand. They’re the result of a powerful brain. Some studies show that students taking a second language course are more alert than students taking a non-language course. Alertness and mental agility allow for better concentration. Children often find it hard to focus, so every exercise or learned skill that helps them concentrate better is greatly appreciated.

Boosts Creativity

Multilingual people tend to be more creative than monolingual speakers. New skills, such as a new language, provide more tools to solve problems, communicate clearly, and think logically. A new language helps improve divergent thinking skills, which is the ability to find multiple solutions to a single problem.

Easier to Multi-Task

It’s easier for bilingual people to switch from one task to another because of their higher brain power. Slipping from one language to the next is not an easy task, it’s very demanding for the brain. As your child starts to master their new language, they will find themselves being able to do that with ease. The ability to juggle multiple activities at a time will be necessary for their coming school years.

Larger Social Network

You can never have too many friends. By learning a new language, your child can meet new people and make new friends. Languages also come with another culture, so your child will be learning about other traditions, beliefs, and ways to see the world. They will become more open to new possibilities. They can make friends from other countries and communicate in their own language.

Tutoring to Improve Your Child's English Skills in San Ramon

If your child is struggling with English, a second language might help, but tutoring will do a much better job. Tutoring will help your child understand all those details they missed in class and give their grades a boost. Call The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA at (925) 362-3320 to learn about their many tutoring programs.


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