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Promote a Love for Learning This Spring Break

Spring break provides the perfect opportunity to start fresh in many areas. For students that can mean they get to renew their love of learning. This spring break, spend time with your child while helping them complete fun and educational activities that renew and promote a love of learning.

5 Fun and Educational Spring Break Activities to Try

  1. Color learning. A great way to help your child learn while having fun is to get them a few Easter eggs to paint. You can use this as a lesson on colors. Teach them how different colors are made out of primary colors. Talk to them about how red, blue, and yellow are used to make other colors, and let them experiment and be creative. They don't necessarily need to paint eggs, they can paint on paper or even use washable paint to draw on the floor in an open space, etc.
  2. Taking a picture walk. Go out for a walk in the park with your child and take a camera. Take picture of the wildlife, bugs, birds, plants, and different things you both see. Then go through the pictures and print out a few. Have them make a journal of the things you saw during your walk and paste the pictures in the journal. They can write descriptions of the pictures using their own words.
  3. Enroll them in an extracurricular activity or academic program. This spring break, let your child try new things and discover different ways to help them learn and develop. Maybe your child is interested in trying a new sport or a music class. Take this time as an opportunity to let them expand their horizons. Tutoring programs are also a perfect option for children that are struggling in school or that want to get ahead and learn better study skills. At The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA, they have the best academic programs to help your child grow academically and succeed in school. Contact them today at (925) 362-3320.
  4. Make a seed chart. Younger children can also work on their writing and identifying skills by making a circle seed chart. Help them pick out eight seeds from different vegetables, plants, or flowers, such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, carrot seeds, tomato seeds, etc. Use a paper plate and divide it into eight pie sections. Have them draw a picture that represents each of the seeds, one per division, and at the bottom of each section glue each of the seeds that match each drawing.  For example, one of the eight triangular sections can have the drawing of a sunflower at the top and a sunflower seed glued inside the same section. The next can be a drawing of a pumpkin with its respective seed glued at the bottom, etc.
  5. Herb garden. Another activity that can help your child enjoy the outdoors while learning is planting an herb garden. This is a fun activity that can be quite useful and will definitely give your child a sense of achievement while teaching them to be dedicated, patient, and hard-working. Have them check out a few library books on herbs and then select a space and a place to create the garden. This can also be used as a fun math review since it can be the ideal opportunity to practice calculating the area. Have them figure out the area of the space and then section out space according to how many herbs they plan on planting. Once they have done this, they are then ready to purchase a few herbs from a plant store. They can choose between different types of herbs, such as seasoning herbs like rosemary, thyme, and basil, or tea herbs, such as mint, chamomile, and peppermint. They may also select a variety of both. Visit a plant store and encourage your child to ask questions in order to find out what herbs they should get and how to care for them. Have them write their observations and any information they collect and then proceed to plant and care for the herbs. You can even incorporate their herbs into your cooking process to help them stay motivated.

Maximize Spring Break Learning with Tutoring in San Ramon CA

Whatever your plans are for this spring break, make sure you don't let any learning opportunity pass you by. Almost every activity can be turned into a learning experience, so get started today. Also, be sure to get your child the ideal academic help at The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA. Their academic programs are created to help your child thrive in every academic setting. Contact them now by dialing (925) 362-3320 and be sure to ask for your free consultation today.


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