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End of year exam time is quite possibly the most demanding and stressful part of the year for school-goers. In many cases, students are required to recall information they learned at the very beginning of the school year, 8 or so months earlier. To help make final exams a little less frustrating, The Tutoring Center in San Ramon has some quick tips that should be of benefit.


Start reviewing early, little-by-little, and long before your exams. If you wait until the last minute and try to ‘cram’, you will not be able to retain everything that is necessary for you to know. Go through old notes and highlight key points and terms, or start a new set of notes to use as a study guide. If you do a little bit of preparation and organizing every day, studying the information will be much easier and efficient when the time comes for end of year exams.

Study in Groups

Although it is unlikely that you’ll be taking the test together as a group, studying together is very beneficial. Studying in groups helps you remember many things you wouldn’t if you studied alone. Hearing someone else say the information helps your brain remember it different than if you had only read it from your notes.

Color Coordinate

Using different colors to indicate different things can be a great way to help solidify certain information in your head. You can separate subjects by color, or use different colors for different chapters within a specific subject. 

These are just some simple, at home tips to help you study for your final exams. In many cases, one-to-one instruction is also very helpful. If you are interested in additional test help or private tutoring in San Ramon, call our experts today at (925) 362-3320 for more information.


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