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How to Teach Your Child With Technology

If you find that your children just can't put down their phones or tablets, then this is the post for you. The Tutoring Center in San Roman has ideas to share about how utilizing a Flashcard app can not only help your child learn, but let you...
For children struggling with math, sports offer a great entry way to encourage interest in mathematics. If your child is a sports fan, they probably use math regularly without even realizing it. Here are some ways you can get your child thinking mathematically with sports.


Children learn to speak by mimicking their surroundings and making associations between objects and those sounds. Eventually, they learn to read by associating sounds with letters and letters with words. And finally, they’ll begin to write by taking the words they want to say and putting them to...
 School is out and it is time for summer vacation! During these summer months, you may find yourself at home more often with your children. If your child struggles with science, summer vacation can be a great time for him to develop renewed curiosity and interest in the subject. Use this...
Summer is the time for long, lazy days. But that needn't be the case for your child. Make this your child's summer of brain gain!

Check out your local library

Your local library likely has summer programs designed for all ages. Ask a librarian about summer reading lists and rewards programs. Bring...
Extracurricular activities are a great way to encourage your child to grow and develop varied interests outside of academics. However, a lot of fun extracurricular activities do have a positive impact on your child’s development inside and outside of school. The Tutoring Center in San Ramon would...
In a previous post, you learned that to help your child become a better writer, you need to encourage them to read more. However, if you notice that your child could use a helping hand with their reading comprehension skills as well, you can follow the tips below to assist them in improving on...
End of year exam time is quite possibly the most demanding and stressful part of the year for school-goers. In many cases, students are required to recall information they learned at the very beginning of the school year, 8 or so months earlier. To help make final exams a little less frustrating,...
If you have a student at home, you surely want them to do their best and succeed academically. You can help them achieve that by ensuring that they pay attention in class, study, and do their homework. However, if they need a bit of assistance with the latter from time to time, you can assist...
Whenever you don’t know the meaning or spelling of a word, what do you do? You probably look it up in the dictionary! As you know, dictionaries can be very handy tools that can expand your knowledge, reading comprehension, and vocabulary. 

However, in order to reap their benefits, you need to...


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