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If you’re planning on going to college, you’re most likely looking into taking a standardized test. Which one should you take: the SAT or the ACT? 

SAT? ACT? Which Test Should You Take?

Most colleges require that you take a standardized test as a part of their entrance requirements. You can...
Creative people can think up solutions for many issues and are generally more successful. Children possess natural creativity. Help your children be even more creative with these tips.

Grow Your Child’s Creativity This Summer

Creativity is a trait we should all cultivate. Creative people find...
Does your child need some help preparing for their tests? Here are some tips you can try to help them get ready and deal with exam anxiety.

Be There for Your Child’s Study Sessions

Exams can be challenging for young students. This isn't just because of the material they cover, but also because...
Confidence is always believing in yourself. A confident child does better in school and is all around happier. You can help your child build stronger self-confidence with these easy tips.

Lack of Confidence Might Be Affecting Your Child's Grades

Oftentimes, students do poorly in class not...
Having to study for an exam that’s not part of the school curriculum isn't on many students' agenda. The SAT can be stressful, but that’s no reason not to take it. Here are some reasons to take the exam.

Having to study for a big exam while still worrying about their schoolwork is not...
The best way to help your child with their homework is by being there for them. Here are some tips to help your children have an easier time with their homework.

Homework Is Important

Not many students enjoy going home to do their homework. After a long day in school, the last thing they want...
You won't always be around to do everything for your children. There are some practical life skills they should master before leaving for college. 

Practical Life Skills Start at Home

You take your children to school so they can learn about math, science, reading, and other subjects that will...
Just because your children are out for the holidays, it doesn’t mean that their learning needs to stop. These are some suggestions to keep your child’s brain active and learning this winter break.

Keep the Learning Going All Winter Long in San Ramon

It’s finally the middle of the school year and...
Unfortunately, no class teaches you how to study. You’re on your own figuring that one out. Over time you’ll find studying techniques that work for you. Check out these tips on how to study effectively.

A Study Guide Is Not Enough to Help You Ace Your Exams

The weeks before exams are filled with...
Learning a new language gives you more than just the ability to speak a second tongue. A new language comes with many perks, both mental and social. Here are some of the reasons why you should enroll your youngster in a second language class.

7 Great Reasons to Learn a New Language

The best time...


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