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If you have trouble reading your child's homework and notes, chances are so does their teacher. Help your child improve their handwriting skills with these simple tips.

Simple Ways to Help Your Child Improve Their Handwriting

Messy handwriting doesn't just look unappealing, it can also lead to...
The midyear slump arrives about halfway through the school year and can really put a damper in your child's progress. Help them overcome this obstacle with these tips.

How to Help Your Child Successfully Overcome the Midyear Slump

Once the school year has reached its midpoint, it's easy to...
Your child may have plans to be productive after school, but as soon as they get home, any motivation they had vanishes. Help them stay active with these tips.

Beat the Afternoon Slump

Many students make plans to study, do something creative, or even go out for a jog after school, but as soon as...
Students have different reasons for disliking homework, which often leads to homework struggles. Help your child overcome these issues with these tips.

Make Homework Time Less Stressful

Doing homework and studying are probably the last things your child wants to do when they get home from...
The first day of classes is quickly approaching, which means now is the time to prepare for your child's return to school. To help them be better prepared for classes, check out these tips.

How to Make Your Child's Transition Back to School Easier

Students love the summer break because it...
If you’re planning on going to college, you’re most likely looking into taking a standardized test. Which one should you take: the SAT or the ACT? 

SAT? ACT? Which Test Should You Take?

Most colleges require that you take a standardized test as a part of their entrance requirements. You can...
Creative people can think up solutions for many issues and are generally more successful. Children possess natural creativity. Help your children be even more creative with these tips.

Grow Your Child’s Creativity This Summer

Creativity is a trait we should all cultivate. Creative people find...
Does your child need some help preparing for their tests? Here are some tips you can try to help them get ready and deal with exam anxiety.

Be There for Your Child’s Study Sessions

Exams can be challenging for young students. This isn't just because of the material they cover, but also because...
Confidence is always believing in yourself. A confident child does better in school and is all around happier. You can help your child build stronger self-confidence with these easy tips.

Lack of Confidence Might Be Affecting Your Child's Grades

Oftentimes, students do poorly in class not...
Having to study for an exam that’s not part of the school curriculum isn't on many students' agenda. The SAT can be stressful, but that’s no reason not to take it. Here are some reasons to take the exam.

Having to study for a big exam while still worrying about their schoolwork is not...


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