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When thinking of ways to help your child improve in school, surely you’ll want to help them along with academics, hiring a tutor if necessary, and ensuring you are available to help your child with any assignments. However, another great way to help your child academically is to take the time to focus on something else entirely. Learning a musical instrument is quite beneficial to your child’s young mind, and today The Tutoring Center in San Ramon would like to provide you with what we find to be three of the best reasons to encourage your young child to begin learning a musical instrument. 

Time Management and Organization 

It is to be expected when you are adding something else to your child’s schedule, that he or she will need to become more versed in time management and organization efforts. It so happens, that learning a musical instrument automatically gears children toward this goal. This is done because, in order to improve as a musician, you must realize the importance of the quality of your practice, not just the amount of time spent. This will then, ideally at least, transfer into other areas of your child’s life. 

Betters Academic Skills

Just as learning another language will help improve your child’s academic skills, learning a musical instrument will work much in the same way. Take math for example. Music is math. Learning to read music and play it, involves counting notes and musical theory contains many mathematical concepts and formulas. Likewise, you can expect your child will improve in reading comprehension and retention of material. The study of rhyme and tone in music is a large contributor to this. 

Improves Your Listening Skills

It makes sense that learning to play a musical instrument would improve your child’s listening skills. Not only do you have to be able to hear the pitch and depth of notes, you have to be able to hear if the one you are playing is flat. Also, remember that in order to tune an instrument, you need to be able to understand and hear what the tune should be. Listening to the tones in music will not only improve you in that area, but will also improve skills in general when listening to those around you, including teachers. 

As you are seeing your child improving in his or her musical playing abilities, do not be discouraged if there are still some areas that need improvement. You can evaluate what will help your child best and may decide that hiring a tutor is your best option. If that is the case for you and your child, remember that The Tutoring Center has a professional tutoring staff ready to work with your child to achieve ultimate academic success. For tutoring in San Ramon, contact us at 925-362-3320.


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