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Improve Your Child's Math Comprehension Skills

Math Skills are imperative to your child's future. Without math proficiency dreams of college and a bright future fade away. With routine reinforcement and real life application, your child will be eager to utilize and learn more mathematics.

Revisit Learned Concepts for Proficiency

Math curriculum is comprised of a sequence of experiences and learning. To help your child make connections between experiences and learning and use the information to build on the skills they already possess, review learned concepts before moving on to the next level.

Grade Level Goals

Your child's classroom teacher can usually provide you with a math syllabus for your child's grade level. You will have a better understanding of how the instruction is supposed to progress if you understand the skills your child is expected to master. You may then use this information to help your child along in the process of learning.

Ask Questions

Spend time with your child reviewing assignments and asking how they solved the problem. This gives you a perspective of your child's mathematical knowledge and development.

Review Terms

Use appropriate math terminology in discussions with your child. Take the time to familiarize yourself with terminology or concepts you are unsure of.

Real Life Math Application

While doing chores, at the store, in a sport, during play time, and in the kitchen, encourage your child to consider and discuss how math fits into their daily lives. The book Math Curse, by Jon Scieszka, is look at how math and numbers are a part of everyday life.

Tutoring in San Ramon

The Tutoring Center, San Ramon is here to help your child prepare for classes and exams in the coming school year. With innovative tutoring techniques and individualized one-to-one instruction, The Tutoring Center, San Ramon will make sure your child is destined for a bright future in math, reading, writing and all their academic goals. For the best tutoring in San Ramon, call 925 362 3320. .


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