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Your child may have plans to be productive after school, but as soon as they get home, any motivation they had vanishes. Help them stay active with these tips.

Beat the Afternoon Slump

Many students make plans to study, do something creative, or even go out for a jog after school, but as soon as they get home they can't seem to peel themselves off the couch. Help your child combat the slump that takes over after school with the following tips.

Understand the After School Slump

If you find that you often feel sluggish after work, this feeling isn't just reserved for working adults. Children of all ages may feel just as sluggish after a full day at school. To help your child fight this sluggish feeling, prepare an after-school snack for them and allow them to take a power nap. After-school snacks should be healthy so that they can get energy without crashing a little while later. Avoid sugary snacks and drinks. You can allow your child to take a quick nap, but don't let them nap for longer than 15 minutes since this can cause even more sluggishness.

Find After School Clubs

Many schools have after-school activities that students are welcome to join. These activities or clubs help students develop new skills, such as leadership skills and teamwork skills among many others. If your child wants to use their after-school time for something more productive, these are a great option. Not only will your child develop new, useful skills, these types of activities also look great on college applications.

Join a Sports Team

After-school sports are a great way to have your child stay physically active in a fun and rewarding environment. Many schools have sports teams that students can try out for or even intramural teams that are less competitive. Either way, your child can trade in their couch time for something more active and engaging. Joining a team can also teach your child valuable skills about commitment, discipline, and self-confidence. They may even make new friends they would have never come across during their regular school day. If what your child needs is academic support in order to get their grades up or even just an academic challenge to get them engaged, tutoring in San Ramon is the perfect option. Check out the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA by calling their learning center at (925) 362-3320. Be sure to ask about your free diagnostic assessment!

Spread Positivity

After a long day at work, it may be hard to keep a positive attitude while you pick your child up after school. If you aren't feeling great and it shows, this can affect your child's attitude as they settle in to do their work after school. Maintaining a positive attitude and conversing with your child about their school day can show that you are taking a real interest in their day. This will help your child stay motivated to be productive when they get home. Do your best to motivate your child as they do their homework and start working on other projects they're excited about.

Stick to a Plan

If your child doesn't have an after-school plan, it can be very easy to do the minimum and then spend the rest of the evening on the couch. To combat this, create an after-school plan with your child as soon as they get home. Pencil in some homework time, study time, time to do chores, and time for other activities they want to participate in that day. By having this plan set, your child will feel more motivated to follow through and accomplish everything they set forth to do that day.

After School Tutoring

If you're reluctant to sign your child up for after-school tutoring because it sounds like more school, it definitely isn't. While tutoring can give your child the homework help and academic support they need to make academic gains, it doesn't have the same dynamics as a classroom. In fact, tutoring provides a fun learning environment that is less stressful than being in the classroom. It can help your child regain their academic confidence all while helping them improve their grades and social skills.

Tutoring in San Ramon, CA to Keep Your Child Productive

Get your child off the couch and into tutoring classes in San Ramon! To find the best tutoring classes around, contact The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA at (925) 362-3320. Their tutors will be happy to tell you all about the different academic programs your child can benefit from. Don't forget to also ask about your free diagnostic assessment.


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