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Praise Is a Confidence Builder

Praising your child for the correct actions, is a great way to help him or her develop confidence. Many children that do not develop the proper confidence before their teen years are more likely to struggle in school and in life. That is why today, The Tutoring Center in San Ramon, wants to provide you with a few tips to help you praise your for the right things.

Things You Should Praise Your Child For

  • Praise your child for his or her positive actions and efforts. Praise your child when they make the right choice about something. It might be that they chose to do their homework instead of turning on the t.v. or that they spent more time studying for a test. You may also praise and encourage them to participate in extracurricular activities, for more information on how these kind of activities can also benefit your child please visit our previous post here.
  • Praise your child when he or she displays the values that you have instilled. Many times your children will face difficult situations such as watching someone being bothered at school, or even being picked on for improving their grades. If this is ever the case, then make sure your child knows that they make the right decision to stand up for what they believe is right. Let them know that talking to you about a difficult situation that they might be in, is always the right choice. Praise their efforts to get help and discuss this with you, and let them know you are proud of having their trust.
  • Praise your child when they do a good job. This is something we overlook many times. When your child does a good job, even if it is in something that may seem insignificant, make sure you let them know what a great job they did. This may seem overrated, but the mental effect this has on them is permanent. Although, it may seem they do not appreciate your encouragement and praise, it will create a blueprint in the back of their minds that will be an unconscious guide for the types of choices and actions they make.

Tutoring in San Ramon

Another of the best ways to build up your child´s confidence is by getting them the tutoring help they need. Not only will this allow them to feel more confident in their school work but it will also help them succeed as they grow. The best tutoring in San Ramon is  The Tutoring Center, call (925)362- 3320 today. We are happy to help your child become a confident student.


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