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If you have trouble reading your child's homework and notes, chances are so does their teacher. Help your child improve their handwriting skills with these simple tips.

Simple Ways to Help Your Child Improve Their Handwriting

Messy handwriting doesn't just look unappealing, it can also lead to your child getting lower test scores or lower marks on any assignment because their answers simply aren't legible. Instead of reprimanding your child for this, work on their handwriting technique to see some serious results. While you work on this together, be patient and encouraging with your child.

Write at the Proper Pace

If your child rushes through anything school related, this can be why their handwriting looks like it's in another language. They may not want to do homework or they may rush through it so that they can have more time for fun, but this can lead to messy assignments and lower grades. Keep in mind that most teachers who can't understand a response on a test or assignment will just mark it as incorrect. Even if your child has the correct answer, their handwriting may not make this clear. To avoid situations like this, have your child slow down until they've gained control over their handwriting. Once they are able to write clearly and neatly, they can start to work on building up their writing speed.

Don't Rip the Sheet of Paper

If your child struggles to maintain control over the letters they produce on paper, chances are they may start to apply more and more pressure to their pencil. While they may think this will help them control their pencil better, it can actually do the opposite. The tenser they get, the harder it will be to write neatly. Before they have a chance to rip a hole through their homework sheet, have them loosen their grip and reduce the amount of pressure they're putting on their pencil. Writing lightly will give them more control and it'll be easier to go back and fix any mistakes along the way.

Work on Motor Skills

Writing requires a number of skills to come together to produce neat and legible results. Because of this, neat handwriting takes time and work to achieve. Avoid pressuring your child and instead be patient with them. It can also help to look for other activities that can help sharpen their motor skills which are needed for writing. Puzzles and paper crafts are great ways to sharpen their motor skills, so make time for these types of activities after school or on weekends. Whether your child needs help catching up on their lessons or wants to get ahead of their peers, tutoring in San Ramon can help them reach their academic goals. The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA has different academic programs that can help all students succeed. To learn about these programs and their benefits, give their tutors a call at (925) 362-3320.

Grip the Pencil Comfortably

The way your child grips their pencil or pen as they write can make all the difference. There isn't a wrong way to go about this, you just have to be sure the way your child hold their writing utensil is comfortable and effective. If your child often loses control over their pencil or drops it mid-letter, they may need to make some adjustments to their grip. It's also worth mentioning that a student will have better control over their handwriting if they're allowed to use the hand that feels most dominant or comfortable.

Use Lined Paper as a Guide

Lined paper is the perfect blank canvas for your child to practice their writing on. The lines are a great guide because they can help your child establish uniform letters. Before your child starts filling up the rows, remind them that their uppercase letters should start at the bottom line and reach the top line. Their lowercase letters, on the other hand, should start at the bottom line and reach about halfway up the blank space. Use this time to also practice spacing between letters and spacing between words.

The Benefits of Tutoring in San Ramon, CA

No matter what your child's goals are this school year, tutoring in San Ramon can help them reach the finish line. Check out the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA and choose the one that best suits your child's needs. To learn more about these or to get any of your questions answered, give their learning center a call at (925) 362-3320. Be sure to also ask about your free diagnostic assessment.


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