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Focusing is not an easy feat for children. Fortunately, concentration is something they can always work on. Improving your child's attention span is not that complicated, in this article you'll find some easy tips for this.

7 Ways to Improve Your Child's Attention Span

Children are curious little creatures. Their attention constantly drifts from one thing to the next. They often find it hard to sit still or focus on a single task. It's understandable; they live in such an amazing world that they're just itching to explore. There are some moments in life when they do need to sit still and focus on a task though, for instance, homework time or when they must do their house chores. It's tough for them to concentrate, but you can help them improve their attention span with these suggestions.

Small Tasks

It’s very overwhelming for a child to start and finish an activity if it seems really long. Instead, you should be asking them to perform small tasks to complete that big activity. Small jobs allow children to feel as if they’re actually making some progress. It’s easier for them to focus if they can see their amount of work is getting smaller.

Consider Their Age

You can’t ask a four year old and a ten year old to do the same things. The younger child might feel the task is too complicated and give up, and the older child will feel it’s too easy, get bored, and quit. When you’re assigning a chore, be very aware of your children’s ages and capabilities. Always remind them that the sooner they get things done, the sooner they can work on activities they like. This will surely make them concentrate on finishing.

Respect Their Bedtime

The importance of sleep to a growing child cannot be stressed enough. Developing brains need enough rest to recharge. Having a bedtime routine, no matter what your child's age is, improves their sleeping habits Tired minds cannot function at their best, which means your children will find it even harder to concentrate in class. Sleep also affects your child’s mood, and grumpy and tired youngsters are even less able to complete their assignments.

Discover Their Learning Style

Learning styles are the way every person finds it easier to receive, process, and understand information. For instance, one of your children might learn new vocabulary by listening to adults or the television, while another might favor reading. The way they prefer to learn is their learning style. Take some time to read up on learning styles and how they can help your child’s education. Setting up chores to fit their learning styles will simplify the process and allow them to finish them faster. They will find it easier to focus. Another benefit of finding out how your children prefer to learn is that it can help them boost their grades. If you've noticed that their grades are dropping, hiring a tutor to help them out is the way to go. Since tutoring groups are small, the lessons can be adapted to suit any child's learning style. For great tutoring options, call The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA at (925) 362-3320.

Physical Activities

Your child should be involved in some physical activity not just for the health benefits, but for the mental advantages as well. Youngsters have a lot of energy, which sometimes gets in the way of being able to sit still and concentrate. Exercise helps burn off some of that excess energy and clear their minds. They will be more willing to focus on a chore or assignment after physical activity.

Balanced Meals

Fatty and unhealthy foods affect your child’s attention. Heavy foods make them feel sleepy and drowsy. What they need is a balanced diet, which should include lots of leafy greens, plenty of veggies and fruits, and healthy fats, such as nuts and avocado. What your child eats affects their academic development.

Rewards System

There's nothing more motivating to a child than knowing they will receive a reward. Setting up a rewards system can inspire your children to remain focused on their tasks. A successful rewards system must include detailed requirements. You can't just hand over a prize for a completed assignment; the job must meet all the requirements. It's also a good idea to vary the rewards from time to time to maintain your child's interest.

Tutoring in San Ramon, CA

One of the most common reasons why a child's attention drifts off during class is that they don't understand the material. It's easier to get distracted if you have no clue what's happening on the board. Tutoring will help your child understand those tough subjects, and in the process improve their concentration. Go ahead and call The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA at (925) 362-3320 to learn about their tutors and their tutoring options.


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