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Tutoring and Summer Learning Loss Prevention

Many parents are unaware of the negative effects that summer vacation can have on the education of their children. Summer vacation is not a bad thing at all, but it does present a risk when children are not exposed to any learning during this time period.  Since the majority of students experience a learning loss over the summer, we need to implement proactive solutions. It all starts by being well informed and taking small action steps to help children enjoy the summer in a fun and educational way.

Encourage Learning and Fun Through Summer Education

The summer learning loss can be avoided by inspiring students to go out and learn in nontraditional ways. To find educational entertainment instead of sitting on the couch, looking for mischief, or mindlessly wandering. Yes, kids will be kids. Yes, they need a vacation, and yes, they should get a rest from their routine school structure. No, they should not spend 9 months in school learning just to forget much of it during the summer. Sadly, the summer learning loss statistics prove that this is what usually happens. Over the summer, students tend to forget around two to three months worth of reading and math knowledge. This means that by the time the next school year starts, many students have fallen behind instead of making progress.

Tutoring Programs Improve Summer Learning and Help Avoid a Knowledge Regression

At The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA, we help students deal with any previous problems and avoid future regression. Through interactive methods that instill the necessary skills and encourage a love for learning, students are able to fight off summer learning losses and strive for a better more productive school year. Contact us now, and give your child the opportunity to spend their summer in a way that strengthens their education and improves their future.

What You Can Do to Make Your Child´s Summer More Productive

Parents have such a huge impact on how their children spend their summer. From enrolling them in summer camps and tutoring to spending time together and showing them that learning can take place anywhere, a parents role is very important. Learning is about so much more than just sitting in a classroom. It is about being curious and exploring as much as it is about expanding views and participating in new and purposeful activities. So many students have the wrong concept and think learning is boring or frustrating. This summer let's show them that this is far from true with fun activities that promote educational growth.

Fun Activities That Promote Learning and Help Avoid the Summer Learning Loss

  • Encourage new activities. Taking up a new class or hobby can allow children to be creative, develop new abilities, and learn something new.  Learning photography or starting a sport can all be great activities to start this summer.
  • Read! This is by far one of the most important things you can encourage your child to do this summer. Read with your child, read to your child, have them read to you, have them read on their own. This doesn't mean they  have to sit on the couch reading all day, rather you should try to make reading fun. Let them pick a few books that they like. Read together and take them out for ice cream to discuss the story. Once they are done with their summer reading list, have a ¨summer party¨ centered around the characters or subject of the stories they read. You can also play games with the theme of the books they are reading. You can find all sorts of games and activities for specific themes, books, or subjects, online or ask your child to help you make up a few games and have fun. 
  • Cook with your child. We all have to eat. Take this opportunity to get your child to help you in the kitchen and learn. You can use any baking or cooking situation to teach them about quantities, math skills, and even improve their cognitive abilities.
  • Use technology to help your child learn. If all else fails then use your last ally: technology. We recommend that children get out and have fun outdoors and get moving in order to truly get to enjoy the summer and learn, but we understand how hard this can be sometimes. You can always turn to technology and use it to help your child learn through apps, educational games, and videos.

Summer Fun and Tutoring Near Danville

Tutoring and learning activities prevent the knowledge loss that occurs during the summer. Contact The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA at (925)362-3320 and make this summer extremely fun and educational.


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