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How to Set SMART Goals to Help Your Child Succeed This Year in Their Academics

This year has just started and there is no better time than now to start teaching your child how to set goals. How they state their goal will make all the difference in how well they are able to complete it. That is why we want to talk about how the SMART method works to help your child set better goals.

Get Support for Your Child's Academic Goals

Being involved in your child's education is very important. Helping your child obtain the necessary help for reaching their goal will help them go a long way. Tutoring helps students in all academic areas. It can help your child obtain the abilities they need to do better in school and in the different academic areas. Tutoring not only improves their understanding in specific subjects, it is also very helpful for assisting students with all their academic goals. At The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA your child will learn the study skills they need to succeed. Contact them at (925) 362 3320 now to learn more.

What Are SMART Goals?

  • Specific. In order for a goal to be effective, it needs to be very clear and precise. Goals that are very broad or general cannot be reached because they are much too general to be worked on. For example, if you just state, ¨I want to do better in school,¨ it is very difficult to know just exactly how to follow through on that goal. The more general a goal is, the harder it is to know what it is that needs to get done to complete it. A specific goal, on the other hand, is a lot more efficient because you know exactly what you want to complete. That makes it easier to create the action steps that will allow you to get it done.
  • Measurable. Students need to be able to measure their goals and progress. Knowing how far they have gone and how much further they have left to go allows them to stay accountable. Creating charts and checklists can be a great way for students to visualize how much progress they make . It is also what will help students stay motivated because they can see actual results along the way and not just at the end.
  • Adjustable. Many external factors can sometimes affect goals and their results. If situations that are out of your control take place and threaten your goals and results, your goals should be ablet to be adjusted and not completely discarded. That is why it is necessary that goals be adjustable and somewhat flexible. That way, if any unexpected situation comes up, your goal has the resilience to still stand with maybe a few adjustments.
  • Reasonable. This may be the key to making sure your goal is a success. If your goal is too easy or far too challenging, then it will be hard to sustain and carry out. Goals that are too easy do not allow students to actually learn how to work hard and feel proud of their efforts. Goals that are too challenging discourage students and are many times left uncompleted. Make sure that you encourage your child to create goals that are challenging but not far too hard to reach. If they have higher goals that are much more difficult to obtain, then help them break that goal into smaller goals that can progressively help them reach their main objective.
  • Timely. Without a deadline, a goal is not a goal. Goals need to have a time frame and students should know how long they have to reach their objective. This will help them establish a pace at which they can work in order to get to where they want to be by timeframe established. Students must create action steps and a list of tasks that need to be completed either on a regular or daily basis this will help ensure that the goal is completed in a timely manner.

Efficient Academic Goals with Tutoring in San Ramon, CA

Helping your child work on their goals will render great benefits all throughout their academic life. The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA offers the best support for your child's academic goals. Not only can they help your child learn great goal-setting strategies and study skills, but they will also provide them with all the tools they need to help them reach greater academic victories. Call them now at (925) 362 3320 and let your child reap the results of their goals.


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