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Does your child need some help preparing for their tests? Here are some tips you can try to help them get ready and deal with exam anxiety.

Be There for Your Child’s Study Sessions

Exams can be challenging for young students. This isn't just because of the material they cover, but also because of the nerves and anxiety they cause. Sometimes the fear of performing poorly causes students to forget things they already know. You can’t be there to calm your child down when they’re in the middle of a test, but you can be there to help them get ready for it. Here are a few things you can do to help prepare your child to ace their tests and to help them reduce their stress and anxiety before the exam.

Getting Ready for the Test

The key to acing a test is to be prepared. Here are some of the things you can do to make preparing for your child's exam easier.
  • Talk to the teacher: Teachers will often provide a study guide for the test, but if you or your child have any questions about it, don’t hesitate to ask the teacher. The teacher might also give you some pointers about which areas your child should focus on more.
  • Space out their study sessions: Learning doesn’t happen overnight. It happens over an extended period. Your child should space out their learning sessions over the course of a few weeks to feel better prepared.
  • Tutoring: Maybe your child could do with some extra help preparing for their tests. A tutor can help your child understand those concepts they’re struggling with. The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA has an excellent team of tutoring experts that can help your child ace their exams. Contact them at (925) 362-3320 to learn about their different tutoring programs.
  • Don’t cram: Don’t let your child spend the night before the exam cramming and staying up late. If they know the material, they know it. Cramming won’t help them memorize the information. Instead, it will make them feel tired and confused on the day of the exam.
  • Talk test-taking strategies: Help your child come up with a plan to take their test. Remind them to read the questions and instructions carefully and to start by answering the problems they know. They should skip the most difficult questions and answer them last. If they have time left, they should review their answers.
  • Design a practice test: You can draft a practice test for your child using the study guide. It will help both of you figure out what they know and don't know so they can review it later.
  • Make studying fun:  How about including the rest of the family in the study sessions to make it more of a game? Divide yourself into teams and answer questions or math problems. Your child won't feel as pressured and they will have fun while learning.

Dealing With Test Stress

It’s normal for children to feel stressed before their tests, even when they’re fully prepared. There’s always that little doubt whether or not they will be alright during their exams. Their stress might be the reason why they perform poorly. Here are some tips to help your child relax and destress the day before their test.
  • Don't focus on the grade: When you focus and make a big emphasis on your child's expected score, you make their anxiety grow. Remind them that they should give it their best effort, but a grade does not define them or their value.
  • Validate their feelings: Listen to your child’s worries and feelings and validate them.  It’s understandable that they feel anxious or fearful, but they have what it takes to succeed on their exam. Give them a chance to communicate and validate their feelings to help the negative thoughts go away.
  • Don’t offer advice: Telling your child to relax and do their best might actually make them do poorly. When a person is stressed, they don’t want someone to tell them to calm down. That advice can actually make them hold onto their stress and emotions.
  • Plan a relaxing night: Help your child relax and stop thinking about their exam for a while. The evening before the test, give them a healthy meal and let them play for a while. Having a good night’s rest will help your child perform better the next day.

Get Some Tutoring Help Before the Test

If your child needs some extra help preparing for their exam or wishes to learn to study more efficiently, sign them up for tutoring lessons. The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA has some great tutoring options that can help your child do better on their tests. Give them a call at (925) 362-3320 to hear about their tutoring programs.


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