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The words we use can make all the difference. That is why building your child's vocabulary is so important. The following tips are a great way to get started.

How to Successfully Help Your Child Build up Their Vocabulary

You can say the same thing in many different ways and each one can have a different impact. What allows us to do this is our vocabulary. The more developed our vocabulary is, the more likely we are to express ourselves in the proper manner. Building a more ample vocabulary isn't just helpful for expressing ourselves, it can also raise our level of comprehension when others talk and will facilitate our reading, learning, and academic tasks. This makes it very important that we teach children the value of words and building up their vocabulary, but this isn't just a task for the classroom. You can also play an important role in improving your child's vocabulary at home. Read the following advice to get started and improve your child's vocabulary this school year.

6 Tips to Help Your Child Improve Their Vocabulary

  1. Raise their reading standards. It is important that children read regularly, but what they read also matters. Make sure that your child is reading at their reading level and push them to read higher level books. This will introduce them to more advanced vocabulary. In some cases, they will encounter words they don't understand and others that they can make out or infer.
  2. Encourage the use of a dictionary. Have a dictionary handy at home and encourage them to look up the words they don't understand. This is more productive than having them just type a word online and search it because the extra effort of actually using a dictionary enables them to value their find. In other words, actually going through the trouble of looking up the word and flipping through the dictionary increases the chances of them remembering such definition.  Our brain is conditioned to make things easier and to reduce the amount of work we have to do. Since looking up a word in a dictionary is a more laborious task, it is likely one that you don't want to have to repeat. This makes our brain more likely to remember it the first time so that we don't have to go through the process of looking up the same word again.
  3. Get them tutoring help. Tutoring is a great tool to use when your child is struggling with grammar or vocabulary building. It can provide the ideal help for your child's improvement in this area. Whether they are behind or not, it can help them get ahead so they can enhance their advancements in other academic areas. For the best tutoring programs, contact The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA today at (925) 362 3320.
  4. Demonstrate the use of advanced vocabulary. Advanced vocabulary is learned most from what we hear. We tend to speak with the words we hear often and we use the type of speech we are constantly exposed to. Just like children absorb bad words quickly when they hear them often, they also absorb advanced vocabulary if they are surrounded by this type of speech.  As long as your conversations are age appropriate, don't be afraid to let your child listen to your business conversations or higher level conversations with your spouse or friends. Always be careful of what you say around your child as this is how they learn best, but you can use this to your advantage by using the proper vocabulary and more eloquent speech to rais their vocabulary.
  5. Use games and activities. Use family-centered games and activities to promote the use of advanced vocabulary. Having fun is always the best way to get a child to learn. Memory games with words and definitions to match up can be a quick alternative. More advanced games such as Scrabble are also a good option. There are all kinds of word games out there. This article by The Spruce website introduces a few that you can try at home.
  6. Teach your child to ask for examples. Many times students are too shy or feel uncomfortable saying they don't understand something. Instead, they can try asking for an example of a word or a demonstration of something they don't understand without actually having to say they don't understand. This way they are less intimidated to ask for further explanations.

Help Your Child Have a Better School Year with Tutoring in San Ramon, CA

Don't wait for the middle of the school year to start helping your child improve their grammar, vocabulary, math, and other subjects. Instead contact The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA today at (925) 362 3320 and get your child a head start this school year.


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