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Stress is a powerful drive that enhances our cognitive skills and motivate us to achieve our goals; this is what’s also known as eustress or positive stress. On the other hand, being unable to handle this emotion can have negative consequences on your health, as it weakens the immune system and won’t allow you concentrate. 

If test are a major stressor in your children’s lives, at The Tutoring Center in San Ramon, we prepared the following post containing useful ideas on coping with this problem.


Learning for a test is crucial for success, so be sure to schedule regular study sessions at least two weeks before the exam; use a calendar to keep track of your children’s progress. This way your children will avoid cramming the night before their test, and don’t forget to establish clear study rules and set a study space at home to boost their concentration. 

Healthy Habits

Studying is important, but your children need to be physically and mentally ready for their test. Make sure to provide them with a healthy diet and avoid greasy foods. Exercise has also many countless benefits and reducing stress is one of them, so don’t forget to include this activity in your children’s schedule. Last but not least, check that your children are having enough quality sleep. 


These ideas can help your children deal with their test anxiety. If the problem is more acute, consulting a professional is a good idea. Counseling and psychological therapies are highly effective to manage stress. Don’t forget that meditation is also a very powerful way to decrease anxiety.  

Don’t allow anxiety get on the way of the academic achievement of your children. These simple, yet useful ideas, can set the right habits to overcome this struggle. 

If you need an extra hand, think about The Tutoring Center. Our exclusive programs will assist our students to improve their struggle areas. Think about us next time you are looking for tutoring in San Ramon. Call 925-362-3320 to learn more about our programs.


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