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Detecting and Improving a Low Working Memory With Tutoring Near Contra Costa County

Even good students struggle in school sometimes. Oftentimes, it can become difficult for students to focus and retain the information they are taught. There are many reasons why this might happen and several factors that influence this, but it is important to be able to recognize when your child is having problems due to a low working memory. Now, this is not some sort of disease or permanent inability, it just means that there may be times that a student is under more stress or has less than ideal factors that are altering their abilities. This is why we want to further discuss this topic and provide some helpful ways to detect and improve a  low working memory.

What Is Working Memory and Why Is It Important?

Working memory is part of our short term memory, it deals specifically with information that needs to be saved and stored temporarily while being used or manipulated. Working memory is divided into two different types. The first is auditory and the second is called visual-spatial memory. Auditory memory deals specifically with information we hear or things we listen to, while visual-spatial is the area that centers around the visual material we capture. All of this is important inside and outside the classroom as it allows us to carry out simple functions and even deal with more difficult problem-solving situations. In school subjects such as math, working memory is extensively crucial. It is also important to remember that it plays a huge role in daily learning and everyday life skills.

Tutoring Can Help Reduce Learning Problems and Improve Working Memory

Since working memory allows us to grasp information for use and manipulation, it is used continuously. For this reason, it is important that it stays in good shape. Different functions require that working memory be used often. A few examples of activities that require working memory abilities are: following directions, completing math problems, and even remembering the order of events in a story or real life event. If your child has difficulty or struggles in areas that are more demanding on working memory skills, they may need to work to improve this learning area. Tutoring can help with this and other learning difficulties along with providing other academic benefits. At The Tutoring Center near Contra Costa County, we provide activities and alternatives to reinforce all areas that may be causing your child to struggle in school. Contact us to find out more about how our academic programs can help your child improve in all areas.

10 Signs That Your Child Is Having Difficulty With Their Working Memory

  • Unable to remember the rules of a game.
  • Trouble describing an event, picture, or scenario.
  • If they have a hard time keeping up with a long conversation or discussion.
  • Difficulty completing math problems, especially word problems that include several amounts.
  • Struggles carrying out an activity that requires they follow a certain order of directions.
  • Problems when it comes to staying focused or paying attention.
  • Inability to follow instructions or specific guidelines.
  • Lack of response to lengthy pieces of information and long explanations or constant need to have the information  repeated back to them.
  • Not able to recall certain information even  as soon as it is said.
  • Difficulty remembering sequential information or the order of the items or things displayed.

Ways to Encourage and Improve a Better Working Memory

Correcting a low working memory is usually just a matter of practice and extra attention. A low working memory can easily improve with certain exercises and can be trained to be more agile in no time. Playing memory cards, chess, and other table games are great ways to practice these abilities and improve them. Another great way to improve working memory is to have your child��������read and recall the events in a story. Ask them questions and encourage them to picture and imagine scenes in their mind while they describe them to you. This will greatly help them enhance their working memory skills and will allow them to practice several other abilities, such as reading comprehension and vocabulary.

Greater Working Memory and Enhanced School Performance With Tutoring Near Contra Costa County

All students can benefit instantly from tutoring as it will provide them with memory skill enhancement and efficient learning methods for every school subject, as well as specific practice in areas that need extra attention. At The Tutoring Center near Contra Costa County, we want to make sure that every student not only does well in school, but also enjoys learning and improves continuously. Call us at (925) 362- 3320 and find out how you can ensure a brighter and better educational future for your child.


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