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Grammar seems to be among the subjects that students struggle with the most. One of the most foundational elements of grammar are the parts of speech. Having a thorough understanding of these terms is crucial in order to understand more advanced grammatic structures. Now, most students know that there are eight parts of speech and will not have a hard time naming what they are, but as they advance they will learn that each part of speech can be subdivided into more specific categories. This is where most students start to get overwhelmed. Today at The Tutoring Center in San Ramon, we want to introduce the different types of nouns in an easy to understand format.

Common and Proper Nouns Explained

First, let's review what a noun is. Nouns are the parts of speech that label a person, place, or thing. Examples: taxi, mountain, plate, lizard, bucket, man, Fred, etc. There are several types of nouns, the most prevalent types of nouns are common and proper nouns. A common noun is a noun that very broadly stands for a person, place, or thing. Examples: girl, state, car. A proper noun is the specific and more personal name of a person, place, or thing. Examples: Jenny, California, Jeep. Since all proper nouns need to be capitalized, it is easy to identify them.

The Best Grammar Help and Educational Support With Tutoring Near San Ramon

All grammar requires a strong understanding of basic concepts along with a decent level of working memory abilities and memorization skills. Tutoring not only helps improve working memory skills, it also allows students to receive a one-on-one opportunity to ask questions and clarify any confusion that may be causing them frustration. When trying to comprehend more advanced grammatical terminology, it can truly help to have the support of a tutor that will explain the material in a more viable manner. At The Tutoring Center near San Ramon, your child will get the best support in all school subjects or educational areas that they may be struggling with. Contact us today. 

Count and Noncount Nouns

Students must have a solid notion of the basic parts of speech to be able to move on and understand the subdivisions of each part of speech. Nouns are usually the most basic parts of speech but once we dig deeper into the different types of nouns, it can be a lot of material to digest. This is why we try to make it as accessible as possible. Count and non-count nouns are other types of nouns that must be well understood in order to form grammatically correct sentences. Since they are of great importance, we have dedicated an entire post to count and non-count nouns which you can read here.

Other Types of Nouns You Need to Know

  • Collective nouns. Words that represent a group of persons, places, or things are collective nouns. For example, the words, army, forest, and bouquet are all collective nouns. This is because army stands for a group of soldiers, a forest represents a group of trees, and a bouquet is a grouping of several flowers.
  • Concrete nouns. If the word is something you can smell, see, taste, hear, or feel, then it can be classified as a concrete noun. Examples: flower, bird, cake, music, friend, etc.
  • Abstract nouns. If a noun represents something that is not physical or cannot be sensed with one of your five senses, then it may be considered an abstract noun. Abstract nouns are more theoretical. Examples: idea, freedom, pride, anger, etc.
  • Material nouns. The names of materials or elements are considered material nouns. Examples: calcium, plastic, cotton, cement, etc. Be very careful when identifying material nouns. The same word that can be considered a material noun may be considered an adjective depending on the role it plays in the sentence. For example, the word cotton is a material noun in the following sentence: ¨ They planted cotton.¨ However, the same word can be used as an adjective.  Example: The cotton dress is mine.

Make Learning Grammar Simple With Tutoring Near San Ramon

Grammar may not be your child's favorite subject but that doesn´t mean they can't do well in this and other subjects. Do not allow your child to continue struggling in grammar or any other academic area. Get them the best tutoring help today. Give us a call now at 925 362 3320 and ask for a free consultation today.


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