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Using and Understanding Count and Non- Count nouns are two very different things. Most of us use the correct form of  nouns by ¨what sounds right¨ without ever understanding why, but understanding what a count and non count noun is and when they are used can help us avoid tricky grammar mistakes.The Tutoring Center in San Ramon wants to share with you a grammar lesson you can review with your child while having fun in the kitchen.

What is a Count and a Non- count Noun?

A ‘count’ noun is usually plural and has an S at the end and the ‘non-count’ noun usually is NON PLURAL. Count Nouns Countable: Defined by asking ‘how many.’                                           Examples:
  • cups
  • pencils
  • bottles
  • computers
Non- Count Nouns Non-Countable: Defined by asking ‘how much’ NON PLURAL..
  • ice
  •  meat
  •  milk
  • wood

How to Use Count and Non- count Nouns

If you want to count a noun, you ask ‘how much’ for (non-countable) nouns or ‘how many’ for (countable) nouns.” For example: Countable
  •  How many cups do you need?
  •  How many computers are there?
  • How much ice do you need?
  • How much wood can you buy?
When using ‘non-countable’ nouns, one must add words (a quantifier) to group the noun. For example:
  • How many cubes of ice do you want?
  • How many logs of wood are there?

Practice Count and Non-count Nouns

The following is a fun way to practice what you learned and teach a grammar lesson to your child while sharing with him or her your secret recipes; With your child make a list of count and non count nouns that can be used in recipes, then write out simple instructions to some simple recipes. Make sure to ask each other, How much? How many? In order to write out the instructions for the recipes together and encouraging your child to use the non count and count nouns verbally as you both talk about the recipes.

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