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Improving Your Child's Listening Skills

Good study skills and learning abilities are the foundations that all students need to do well in school and to improve their academic future. There are several study skills that students need to learn, but one of the most important and fundamental abilities that students should focus on is on their listening skills. That is why today we want to share some information to help your child work on improving their listening skills.

Lack of Good Listening Skills Is One of the Culprits of Student's Learning Struggles

It is important that students understand the value of good listening skills and that they work to develop these skills in order to facilitate their educational endeavors. Most learning problems originate due to a lack of active listening.

What Is Active Listening and How to Build It

Active listening is when you not only hear what is said, but also listen and analyze the information. Active listening helps you participate and put to practice what you listened to and processed. Helping your child to improve these skills is not as difficult as it sounds and tutoring can facilitate this task. At The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA your child will learn and practice the study skills they need. Contact them today by filling out the form on this page or dial 925 362 3320 now.

Games That Can Help Improve Student's Listening Abilities

Another very efficient way to help children become active listeners is through different games and activities that build better listening skills.

Bingo Variations

Bingo has many variations, such as the typical Latin American game that is called Loteria. In this game, each student is given a playing card with images and titles. Everyone's card is different and has the images in a different order. One person shuffles a stack of cards that contains all of the images from the playing cards and starts calling out each name and picture that comes up. As they are doing this, each student checks off from their playing card the images that are being called out. Whoever is able to complete checking off all the images on their playing card first is the winner.

Simon Says

This classic game is a favorite because it is perfect for small or very young children since you can keep the instructions simple. It is quite simple yet it helps children stay alert and use their listening skills. All you need to do is stand in front of a group and give directions, such as ¨stand up,¨ ¨sit-down,¨ or ¨jump.¨ However, it does get a little tricky. Explain to the group or child that they must only carry out actions that are accompanied by the phrase, ¨Simon says.¨ If you say, ¨hop on one-foot,¨ but you don't say ¨Simon says,¨ then they shouldn't move or carry out the action. This is a fun way to help children stay alert to what is being said and to carry out the corresponding action while processing the information at a fast pace.

Detect the Lies

  • Description: This is an ideal game to play when you are waiting in line or at any moment when you want time to pass by fast. It is perfect for playing with your family because you all know each other and have a better idea of what is true and not true about each other's lives. In fact, it becomes more fun when you aren't sure about a few things. It also allows you to bond and learn new things about each other while practicing your listening and reasoning skills.
  • How to play: First, one person starts by talking about themselves, what they like, what they don't like, their hobbies and interests, their occupation, etc. However, within the information they provide about themselves they need to sneak in a few lies. For example, they can say, ¨I'm 10 years old, my name is Sailor moon, I enjoy Italian food, and I love to eat vegetables.¨  The other players must say all the lies they detected in that statement. Whoever can detect all of them wins.

Improving Listening Skills and Ensuring Academic Success with Tutoring in San Ramon CA

Help your child improve his or her listening skills with tutoring. At The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA you can always count on the help of expert tutors that are dedicated to your child's success. Get your child started on improving their listening habits now, so they can begin to put to use those skills and avoid future struggles. Call  925 362 3320 today for a free consultation.


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