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Just because your children are out for the holidays, it doesn’t mean that their learning needs to stop. These are some suggestions to keep your child’s brain active and learning this winter break.

Keep the Learning Going All Winter Long in San Ramon

It’s finally the middle of the school year and the children will soon be out for winter break. They must be excited to be out of school and finally get to relax without thinking about exams and homework. However, their learning experiences don’t have to stop just because they’re not going to class. You can easily help them avoid a winter learning loss by keeping their brains active with some fun activities. Every activity can be turned into a fun and educational one if you know how to do it. Children won’t even be able to tell they’re learning something new. Try some of these easy suggestions The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA has for you.

Cooking Is Always a Good Option

Most children enjoy hands-on activities such as cooking, especially when they get to eat the tasty results. Cooking is a great way to keep your children busy and learning this winter break. You can even make gifts out of the cooking project. Following a recipe has plenty of hidden lessons. Youngsters can improve their fine motor skills and hone their math skills as well. They can learn to read and follow steps as well as work on their fractions and ratios. Ask your child to help you double or triple their recipe. Keep their mind moving while satisfying their sweet tooth. Cooking together is also a great way to spend some quality time together creating memories.

DIY Holiday Gifts

Your children probably don’t have the funds to buy presents for their loved ones. Well, why don’t they make their own? You can plan a Secret Santa at home and set up a rule to give out only homemade gifts. Everyone at home can get creative. Gifts become so much more meaningful because they are made and given with love. While on the subject of DIY, children can practice their writing and penmanship skills by making holiday cards for family and friends. It’s always great to get something in the mail. Your children can create their own designs and write their good wishes. If you’re interested in helping your child improve their writing skills, perhaps you should enroll them in a tutoring program. You don’t have to fill your child’s vacation with tutoring classes, but it wouldn’t hurt for you to learn about writing options for the coming new year. The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA has some great options, so give them a call at (925) 362-3320 to learn all about them.

Gift Wrapping

If you’re going to be busy wrapping Christmas presents, you can ask your children if they’d like to be your helpers. They can practice their math skills by calculating how much paper they will need to wrap each present. As a bonus, they can design their exclusive wrapping paper using brown paper and stencils made out of potatoes. They will need your supervision for this of course.

Give Back

‘Tis the season for giving after all. The holidays are so much more than just a break from school responsibilities. It’s a time to appreciate and be grateful for all we have and all we don’t. Try to help a charity organization together. Activities like making sandwiches or a warm meal and passing them out to the homeless, volunteering in a soup kitchen, or going to spend some time with seniors can be great ways to give back. Children can also donate some of their old toys. There are plenty of other, less fortunate children who would be thrilled to have them. These small acts of kindness can help build a child’s character and teach children to appreciate all they have.

Read Holiday Books

Reading is an excellent pastime that everyone can enjoy. Even if your children are older and they can read on their own, nothing beats a good snuggle. Encourage your children to love reading. Take a trip to your local library and pick up some holiday related books. Why not learn about the way other cultures celebrate their winter holidays?

Get Your Children Ready for the New Year With Tutoring in San Ramon CA

After an excellent holiday break filled with learning and good times, get your children back on the learning track by signing them up for tutoring in San Ramon CA. Call The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA at (925) 362-3320 to learn about their many tutoring options for the coming new year. If you need more ideas for the holiday break, check these out.


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