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Educational Winter Break Activities That Your Family Will Love

Even though the holidays are a busy season, it is important to make time to spend with family and enjoy different activities. You may not be able to spend all day or every day with your children, but take advantage of their winter break to spend quality time carrying out some fun activities. We hope the following list can facilitate this and allow you to create unforgettable memories this winter break.

4 Educational and Fun Ways to Make Winter Break More Interesting

  • Movie debate night. You don't need to spend a lot of money or go out to fancy places to just relax and hang out with your family. You can order pizza and watch Netflix. It is most likely that there will be some sort of disagreement as to what movie or what movies are the best options. To select what movie or movies to watch make it interesting and educational. Have two family members debate on why the movie they want should be the one that everyone watches. Make it professional, have a timer, and allow each side only one to two minutes to make their point. They can carry this back and forth two or three times until the rest of the family votes and decides who wins based on the presented arguments.
  • Tour your own city. You may think you know your city pretty well, but during the holidays there are many new expositions, events, and places to discover. This winter break, aim to visit a new place or area of your city that you haven't paid much attention to or that you haven't gone to lately. Visit the tourism office in your city and learn about the December events and choose one that your family might be interested in. You can also check your city's official website for information. Try taking a tour of your city with a tour guide. Many times they provide information that isn't all that well-known but that is quite interesting. Who knows, you might learn something unusual or pretty cool about your city.
  • Take up a class. It might be interesting if the whole family each enrolls in a class that they think they might enjoy. There are art centers where they offer a variety of classes, and each of you can choose whether you want to take dance, painting, or maybe a piano class. Let your child pursue their interests and encourage them by leading with the example and enrolling yourself in a class as well. It is also important to mention that if your child is falling behind or has shown signs of a struggle in their school work, it might be even more beneficial for them to be enrolled in a tutoring program. Not all tutoring programs are the same. At The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA they offer more than just tutoring classes to help students in each subject. They also offer a study skills program to help your child become a more efficient student and facilitate their learning in any area. Contact them today by filling out the form on their About Us page or by calling 925 362 3320.
  • Bake cookies. This may sound incredibly simple but it can actually be quite an interesting task when you allow your child to participate and try out new flavors and ingredients. Try the following experiment. Make two batches of cookies, in one you will just guide your child in the basic ingredients. However, allow your child to add more or less of the ingredients they believe are correct and any ingredients they want to add. Then, while that batch is baking, pick out a recipe you already have and together you will follow the instructions of the recipe, including the correct amounts and ingredients. Once both batches of cookies are done let them try both. It is likely that the first batch made without measuring the ingredients or following a recipe might not taste as good as the second. Use this to explain the importance of following directions, using math, and measurement concepts.

Help Your Child Improve Their Academic Abilities This Winter Break with Tutoring in San Ramon CA

This school break is not only the perfect time to spend with your child, it is also the best time to start getting your child academic help. Don't let your child struggle, get them started in the best tutoring program in San Ramon, CA today. Contact The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA by dialing 925 362 3320 now.


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