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The Tutoring Center in San Ramon are passionate about helping children excel academically and personally, and we’re sure that you as a parent are too. One of the best things you can do is to encourage your child to learn a foreign language. Here are just a few of the benefits.

It makes you smarter

Learning a new language is a big challenge, and it requires that your brain learn to work in new ways. This promotes ‘neuroplasticity’, the ability your brain has to create new neural pathways and produce new brain cells to tackle problems. This is perhaps why many studies have shown that multilingual people score higher on standardized tests than their monolingual peers.

It can help you multitask

Multitasking’s a very useful skill, and studies indicate that learning a foreign language can help you learn to juggle tasks, possibly due to teaching yourself to switch fluently between different language systems.

It may improve your memory

Learning a language requires that you remember a lot of information (grammatical and syntactic rules and so forth) and this helps work your memory muscles, leading to better recall in all areas. Studies also back this up, showing that, overall, multilingual people are better at recalling information such as shopping lists, names and dates.

It can improve your English

Learning a second language requires that you familiarize yourself with the mechanics behind it (grammatical rules, word order, etc.) and this can help one realize more about the mechanics behind English too. Understanding English can help make you a more effective communicator, be that in terms of essay writing or public speaking.

There are further benefits, but educators and language experts agree that the earlier a person starts to learn a second language, the greater the benefits, so it’s a good idea to get your child started from a young age. You can still benefit as an adult, though, so there’s no reason for you not to learn alongside them!

There are many ways you can help your child excel, from helping them concentrate to working on their time management, but encouraging them to learn a foreign language has to be among the best.

For further assistance, you could consider hiring a tutor. The Tutoring Center offer free diagnostic assessments to pinpoint exactly how best to help your child prosper academically. Call 925 362 3320 to organize tutoring in San Ramon.


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