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We here at The Tutoring Center in San Ramon recently offered a few tips on how to encourage your child to take up reading, and today we would like to offer some similar tips on how to motivate your child to love math. We know that very few children naturally gravitate toward math, but follow these steps and your child will be the next Fermat in no time.

Set a good example

Children mimic a huge amount of their parents’ behavior, whether they intend to or not, so make sure you are providing a good model for your child by approaching math problems with a smile. If your child sees you tackling math with positivity and confidence, they’re likely to take the same tack. If, on the other hand, they hear you say ‘I’ve never been good at math’ or ‘ this is too hard’, then they’re likely to view math as too difficult or dull to bother with.

Introduce math problems into everyday life

It’s important for your child to realize how useful math is in their day to day life and to see that it isn’t just confined to the classroom. You can help them see this by introducing math problems in situations such as adding up the cost of the groceries, working out the weights and measures when cooking or baking, or calculating how many months’ allowance they’d need to save up to afford a new video game.

Practice, practice, practice

Developing math skills and keeping them sharp, like any other skill, requires practice. Make sure that your child’s study plan includes time dedicated to studying math even if they don’t have a specific math test or project coming up, and provide them with lots of worksheets and activities (you can find hundreds of these provided free on the Internet).

Make it fun

There are many educational apps available for tablets and smartphones that are specifically designed to help your child learn math while having fun, so if you have the necessary technology then make the most of it! You could also design some games of your own or adapt existing board games to include math questions.

Help them learn

If your child struggles with math, having you available to talk through problems and offer assistance can be a great boost to their confidence. Make sure you aren’t simply solving the problems for them, though, as they need to learn to do this themselves. Instead, talk through the concepts behind the problems they are struggling with to try to reach a deeper conceptual understanding.

Hire a tutor

If your child requires some extra help with math, don’t hesitate to contact The Tutoring Center to take advantage of our Geniuses in Training math program. We also offer support with a host of other subjects, study skills and exam preparation, so call 925 362 3320 if you feel your child could benefit from tutoring in San Ramon.


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