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Reading is important, but not everyone thinks it's fun. That is why today we want to talk about encouraging reading and learning fun at home. 

Reading Is an Essential Part of Learning

Reading is one of the most necessary skills to improve overall learning. However, not many children enjoy reading, and this can greatly affect their learning capacity. That is why it is important that you show your child that reading can be fun. Take the time this summer to help your child read more and improve their reading skills through engaging games and activities that promote a love of reading.

The Importance of Incorporating Learning Fun to Your Family Time

Try to make time for more educational family activities. Children learn best through what they see and what they enjoy. Why not combine both for a powerful educational experience? When students see their parents read, write, and carry out other academic activities, they are twice as likely to be motivated to do the same. To encourage them even more, try to interact with your child through academic games and learning experiences.

Eliminate Reading Struggles and Improve Academic Achievement with Tutoring in San Ramon CA

Reading activities allow you to spend quality time with your child while you make a strong positive impact on their learning. Doing this can also allow you to detect any learning problems right away. If your child is facing reading challenges, the most important thing is to get them tutoring help before they get further behind. At The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA, they provide the most efficient reading programs and academic support for your child. Contact them today by filling out the form on this page or by calling (925) 362-3320 right now.

A Fun Reading and Writing Activity You Can Try This Summer

  • This activity is great for reviewing what your child learned in English class and is ideal for middle school children and high school students. For learning activities and games that you can do with smaller children and elementary age students, visit the Kid´s Activities Blog and check out their T.V. Free Activities.
  • For this activitiy you will need at least five or six participants that can write.
  • Give everyone a sheet of paper and pens or pencils. Have one family member write the exposition (introduction or setting) of a story. They can write it on any story they want, and it can be one they know, something they read, or they can make one up. Another person has to write the rising action of a story, any story. The next person writes only the climax of any story they want. The next person focuses on writing only the falling action of any story or their favorite book. Lastly, another person writes the ending, also known as the resolution of a story.
  • Make sure they do not explicitly write climax or resolution, etc. on the paper.
  • The trick is that although it can be about any movie or book they have read, they can only concentrate on the part of the story they were assigned. None of them can show each other or talk to one another about what story they are writing about.
  • Once they are all done, collect the papers and hide each in different parts of the house or yard and have them look for them.
  • The first paper to be found is read as if it were the exposition of the story, the next paper will be read as if it was the rising action, and so on.
  • The story should sound a little off and funky, and it most likely won't make sense. Use this to explain the importance of the order of a story plot and how it's important to consider what you read and the order you read it in so you can better understand it. Go over what the five parts of the plot are (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution) and what they contain.
  • Help everyone arrange the story in the most logical order, even though it will still be a little weird and maybe funny because everyone will have written about different things.
  • This activity is ideal for a campsite activity or just at home during a family night because it promotes reading, writing, and learning all while having fun.

Encourage Learning Fun and Better Reading Abilities with Tutoring in San Ramon CA

At The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA, they can help your child realize that having fun and learning go hand in hand. Contact them today at (925) 362-3320 and schedule a free diagnostic assessment right now.


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