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When you are beginning to notice that your child is struggling academically it can be difficult to decide what to do. Perhaps you’re not even sure what the issue is, if the struggle does not seem to be in one particular subject, but overall slipping. You may decide to first work through the struggles on your own with your child, in which case you could use our advice for helping your child improve in academic skills.  You may, however, decide that your child is in need of tutoring, and consider hiring someone to assist you. At The Tutoring Center not only do we offer one-on-one tutoring, we also provide a diagnostic assessment for all of our future clients, before we get started. We are so sure that you will come back to us for your tutoring needs that the diagnostic assessment is completely free.

The purpose of our diagnostic assessment is to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses. It is important for you to keep in mind that The Tutoring Center wishes to help your child in the following ways:

- Academically
- Increasing concentration
- Increasing attention span
- Helping develop focus

By participating in the diagnostic assessment before being placed in a program, we are going to get the best idea of where your child needs assistance. Programs your child may be enrolled in include:

- Geniuses in Training programs designed for students who are having difficulty in a subject area, specifically:
* math
* reading
* writing

- An Enrichment Program designed, on the other hand, for students who are excelling in a subject area and wish to be challenged more. Likewise, we offer this in the following areas:
* math
* reading
* writing

Remember that it is completely possible for your child to be struggling in one area while excelling greatly in another. Therefore, once you receive the results of the diagnostic assessment, you may discover that your child could benefit from both our Geniuses in Training and Enrichment programs.

Once the assessment is complete, The Tutoring Center will provide you with a comprehensive report on the strengths and weaknesses of your child, as well as providing a plan for you to assist your child. We provide this plan, including tutoring if necessary, to help create a permanent solution for your child.

While there is no obligation once your child has completed our diagnostic exam, we are sure that you will have confidence in us to assist your family. For tutoring in San Ramon, be sure to contact us at The Tutoring Center at 9253623320.


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