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 When it comes to study, every parent’s dream is that their children sit down by themselves and fulfill their academic activities. However, there is a long road ahead and having a suitable study space plays a crucial role to set the right habits. For this reason at The Tutoring Center in San Ramon, we would like to tell you about some of the most important things to create the right study environment in your home.

What will you need?

It may seem obvious to have a desk and chair ready, just remember that they should adapt to your children’s size to avoid any overuse injuries. It’s very important that the chair is comfortable, yet it shouldn’t be too cozy, otherwise your children will fall asleep. Don’t forget that your children should keep their school supplies and everything they need in their study space, as standing up and look for a sharpener disrupts their attention.

Choosing the Place

Every person has its own learning style and requirements, so don’t force your children to study in a quiet room or use a method that works for you. Discover what’s the best way for your children to learn and find a space in your household that adapts to it.


Perhaps the most difficult part is identifying any potential distractions and remove them from the study space. Some of the most common are cell phones, TV, pets, or social networks. Also, don’t forget to include study breaks to boost your children’s attention and motivation.

This space also requires clear and non flexible rules to make studying more productive. For further information about this topic, be sure to read this previous post.

At The Tutoring Center, we know that each student has different needs, that’s why we offer a free diagnostic assessment to find out the best way we can help. Think about us next time you are looking for tutoring in San Ramon.

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