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When you get a disappointing academic report about your child it can be very frustrating, especially if you don’t think you were being kept up to date on your child’s progress, or perhaps you were under the impression that your child was doing well. To help avoid this, it’s best to be in constant communication with your child’s teacher. The Tutoring Center in San Ramon would like to help today by providing a few of the best ways you can ensure you maintain open lines of communication, to avoid surprises concerning your child’s academic results. 

Something to keep in mind at the beginning of a new school year is the annual open house most schools have. You may find that it happens prior to the start of the school year, about a week before, or the first week of school. This will depend on what your school district decides. Begin looking for your invitation to the open house. The purpose of this event is to introduce you to the school, classroom, and teacher your child will be instructed under. If the event happens prior to the start of school, then your child will also benefit in the same ways. This is the first opportunity that you, as a parent, have to make yourself known to the teacher, become familiar with his or her ways of operating the classroom, and express any concerns you have. 

If you’ve got the opportunity, get involved in the daily life of the school by volunteering in the classroom or library. If you are working a day job, this is going to be extra difficult for you, but your presence at the school will not only be great for your child, it will also provide another chance to keep in contact with his or her teacher. 

If you are more readily available in the evening, consider joining the Parent/Teacher Association if the school has one. You may find that your child’s teacher is there, and this could be a great time to get to know him or her better, for the sake of your child’s academic education. 

Lastly, parent/teacher conferences, again depending on the district, should be held once or twice a year. These usually take place around the time a progress report should come out. The general purpose of these meetings if for the parent and teacher to be able to get together and discuss the how your child is doing academically, any behaviour problems, or concerns the teacher may have. Of course you will also be given the chance during these meetings to ask questions as well. 

Even after having established these great lines of communication it still may be possible that your child could benefit from a bit of extra assistance. Know that there are numerous benefits of tutoring. You can help your child in this area by providing him or her with a professional tutor like those found at The Tutoring Center. For tutoring in San Ramon be sure to give us a call, (925) 362-3320.


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