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Help Your Child Be Better Prepared This School Year

Some schools are about to start the new school year while others still have a few weeks left of summer. Whatever the case, it is vital that you take some precautions ahead of time and start getting your child used to school again. This means they will need to get used to a new routine and pick up habits they might not be used to anymore. Today we want to share some tips to help your child be better prepared to return to school.

Help Your Child Be More Academically Prepared for the New School Year With Tutoring

Helping your child be academically prepared is a task that has no timeline. It is something that needs to be worked on all the time, especially in the summer. In a previous post we discussed how summer learning is such a vital part of your child's education and provided some tips. Summer school, tutoring, and other educational activities are all necessary for helping students be prepared for the new school year. If your child has completed some of these or at least stayed academically active throughout the summer then it will be easier for the to start the school year on the right track. Some of what had been learned in the previous year may still need reviewing, but if your child seems to struggle it is best to immediately seek help.  Contact The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA now at (925)362-3320 or by filling out the form on this page.

Breaking Bad Habits Before School Starts

Usually, the most difficult summer habit to break is getting up late. Going back to school means your child will need to wake up earlier and get ready for school on time. There are several things you can do to simplify this challenging task. For most students, it is all a matter of routine and getting used to their new schedule. Preparing them ahead of time helps them not feel like too much is happening at once. First, start to gradually set an earlier bedtime routine days or even weeks before school actually starts. Try helping your child go to bed earlier in 30 minute increments every day until they begin to reestablish a bedtime that will allow them to get up in time for school.

A Good Bedtime Routine Will Facilitate Their Mornings and Help Them Get Ready for School on Time

It is also best if your child starts getting into the habit of preparing their things for the next day before they go to bed. This includes making sure they have their backpack ready.  The school supplies and books they will need should be inside their backpack. They should also check that their completed homework is safely put away in their backpack. As part of their bedtime routine, they should also select and prepare their outfit for the next day. Preparing their backpack and their clothes for the next day before going to bed will make the morning run much smoother.

Have Them Pick out Outfits and Prepare Their Clothes a Few Days Before School Starts to Avoid Last Minute Stress

Another great way to prepare ahead of time for back-to-school is to start going through your child's outfits and closet at least a week before school starts. Doing so will allow them to  try out their favorite outfits and see if they still fit or if they need mending.  Ignoring the importance of preparing their outfits ahead of time is a common mistake that causes students to end up very frustrated their first day of school. If you do this a few days before, you will have time to take care of any problems and to buy new clothes or shoes if necessary. This also gives your child time to make up their mind about what outfits they will wear the first few days of school and can make them feel more confident. It is also a great way to reduce stress on the night before the first day of school.

Start off the School Year More Productively With Tutoring in San Ramon CA

Tutoring gives students the opportunity to start off the new school year more productively. It provides them with many advantages and facilitates their performance throughout the school year. While some students may only need help in some areas, others require more assistance. Sadly, that extra help is not always available in the measure that they may require it. This is why you need an efficient tutoring service. The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA has the best academic programs for every student. Call 925 362 3320 today to get in touch with The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA.


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