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Parents across the US will soon be receiving the report cards of their children, with varying results and reactions. Becoming academically excellent is a challenge, but one that is achievable through hard work. Perhaps the report you receive will not meet your expectations, and you are wondering how to help your child improve his or her grades. The Tutoring Center in San Ramon would recommend you sitting down with your child to discuss a plan of action, using the following four suggestions. 

Studies show that students who take time to study daily rather than cramming just before a test have higher averages. It makes sense that taking a bit of time daily to refresh your memory and to see if there are any aspects you’re unclear about would be beneficial. Stress to your child the importance of setting aside a bit of time each day for study. 

Similarly, taking great notes is a fantastic first step in building their new study habits. Discuss how to take good notes with your child, suggesting that they write down the important facts and get clarification when uncertain. 

Remind your child that knowing his or her strengths is a crucial step in achieving academic excellence. If your child has exceptional reading comprehension and excels in analysis of literature, then perhaps that is not the subject he or she should be spending the most time on. If your child struggles with math, it’s important that much more time is devoted to that area in order to improve. You can share these time management tips with your child to help him or her create a better study schedule. 

Lastly, it is necessary to admit when there is a struggle and get help if it is needed. Once your child has begun moving through the first three steps, it may be easier to identify if he or she is in need of help with a particular subject. You can help your child by providing extra study time in that area, or you could consider hiring a tutor to give your child the extra assistance needed. 

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