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The benefits of having a second or third language are endless; better thinkers, bigger job opportunities, culture appreciation, improved cognitive skills, the list goes on. As an adult, it may seem daunting to learn a new language, but as an adult you can help make this adventure easier for your children. The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA will like you to know some tips for introducing your child to a new language. There is no need for extra classes when you can teach them the basics.

Music and Movies

Look for children’s songs and play them in English and in the other language, that way they will know and be familiar with what they are singing. As for movies, if your child already reads, you can try cartoons with subtitles. If they’re not readers yet, it’s completely fine, just listening to the language helps them familiarize with it.


What better way to know about another country, than by its food? Try saying a few words in another language, maybe some words sound or look the same, like coffee and kaffe in Swedish.


You can look for translations of their favorite bedtime book, they already know the story, so they figure out what the new words mean.


There are many toys out there that teach a second language like Spanish. From mini computers, to stuffed animals, there is something for any age.

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