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Most of the classes that are most memorable to us are the ones where we had fun. Spelling and Vocabulary can be a tad tedious for some students, and it's our job to help them enjoy their lessons so they can learn. For that reason, The Tutoring Center, San Ramon CA brings you a list of fun Spelling and Vocabulary games, because learning is better when it's a game!

Spelling Games

  1. BUMP: You need a bucket, a jar or a paper bag, pens and paper, a Vocabulary or Spelling list. Write down all the words in little pieces of paper and fold them. For every 5 words make one that says BUMP, and put them all in the jar. First player takes out a paper, reads it quickly and spells it; if they do it correctly they get to keep it. Next player has to do the same. Whoever gets the paper that says BUMP must return all the papers they had collected. The winner is the one with the most papers.
  2. Snake: It starts with a spelling word, the first player says the word, the next player says the first letter, and the other player the letter that follows until the word is finished. If someone makes a mistake they are out of the game. This game requires concentration and attention.
  3. Unscrambled Eggs: This can be a single player game, but is more fun if it’s in teams. You will need plastic eggs, a Spelling list, paper and pen. You have to write the letter of each word in separate pieces of paper and put them inside and egg then you shake it to scramble it. The player has to take the letters out and form the right spelling word.
  4. Spelling: Practice writing the words with materials other than pencil and pen; use Play Doh to create each letter, spell the words with magnetic letters, alphabet soup, Scrabble tiles or yarn.
  5. Blind Spelling: This game is played by two or more teams. The first player from each team comes to puts on their blindfold, their teammates must give them directions and guide them to the board; while they’re walking you must say the spelling word you wish for them to write. They have to write it correctly and quickly. Play until everyone has one or two turns.
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Vocabulary Games

  1. Memory: Create a memory game using index cards. On one card write the vocabulary word and on the matching card write its definition, synonym, antonym or a sentence. Players take turns flipping the cards. If they make the correct pair they take an additional turn.
  2. Bean Bag Toss: Lay out on the floor a board made up from index cards. Each card should have a Vocabulary word and it should be turned upside down. Children will throw the bean bag to an index card, read the word and give correct definition or a sentence using it. If they do it correctly, they keep the card. The champion of the game will be the one with most cards.
  3. Charades: This time you will be using a Vocabulary list and index cards. Write down the word and the definition (to make it easier), there should be two teams. Each team has 1 minute to act or draw as many words as they can, and the teammates have to guess them. If they get them right, they keep the card. Whichever team has more cards wins.
  4. Jeopardy: You will need a vocabulary list, make sure it’s long enough to make five categories. Decide on 5 words for each category ranging from easiest to hardest; easiest is 100 points and hardest 500.  The Jeopardy game board can be made out of index cards or it can be done on a PowerPoint presentation. There must be two teams, they will pick the category and if the get the question right, they get an additional turn.
  5. Sequence: Start by choosing a category like “summer vacations”. Say one word, the second player has to say another summer word starting with the letter the first word ended. Player one says “beach” , player two says “hat”, player one says “tropical” and so on. It may be easy at the beginning but as the game progresses, you really have to think hard about summer vocabulary words.

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